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  1. I just got my ticket for this! Really looking forward to it. I've never been to Vienna before but have always wanted to go. See you there!
  2. I managed to get a ticket so I'll be there! I wanted standing really but got quite a good seat. See you there!
  3. First off, £113 million should cover the debts I've already run up following Muse about. Once thats taken care of I may go to a few more gigs worldwide. I might pay for a few friends to come with me too
  4. Dom definitely deserves to win this. He works really hard for Muse. I knew him way back when he was tour manager for another band and he's always been awesome. Is there an award for hottest tour manager too? He'd definitely win that one! Oopps I said that out loud didnt I...
  5. Also, when you go to the doctor, it might be a good idea to take a sample of the confetti you ate, if you have any left. That way, if you have any further investigations they may be able to work out which chemical caused the damage
  6. happy birthday!! :D:party:

  7. Yes, I've seen them 48 times now. Wembley Stadium on 10th Sept will be my 50th and as long as they put on a good show, which they always do anyway, that will be reward enough
  8. Helen T

    Hi! Thankyou. The photo was one I took when I saw them in LA in 2007 and the caption just had to be done :)

  9. AT

    Hello there,

    just came across one of your posts and I need to say: I LOVE YOUR SIG (the god fallen asleep...)!!! It really made me laugh for a while!:D Great idea (and nice picture...)!!

    Cheers! (-:

  10. I've had a few things that havent gone quite to plan but I dont think anything was as bad as being stuck in the US for 11 days after being there for 2 weeks already due to the ash cloud in April. It started off being fun as we ended up going to LA which wasnt planned but after our second flight was cancelled and we realised we would be stuck for a long time and had run out of money, it wasnt so fun. Also, I had uni assignments that were due in during that time which caused me no end of stress trying to get extensions for them and then attempting to finish them while being jetlagged when I eventually got back. The good thing about it all was I realised that I have amazing friends who's help and support kept us going. And the gigs were fantastic, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat
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