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  1. http://muse.mu/news/article/626/exogenesis-release-for-record-store-day-2010/ I read this and I was so shocked :( How comes you want to know if I live near London eh?
  2. http://muse.mu/page.aspx?page=poll you get to choose three songs for the set list! :D How are you these days?
  3. finally found it! Hope you enjoy :D x
  4. here I found it lol... it's a spoof documentary and I hope you find it funny. It is meant to be about real life people but the main character is a fake! Sorry I was out of the country for a while and I have been to London a few times!
  5. my film! won a film festival and I got £200 for 1st place! Enjoy if you can stay awake
  6. Good memories always. :) xx
  7. Check out the other videos I took on my page! :D
  8. :D Hey again, how you been these days? I should really keep in touch more :(
  9. :D thanks for the comment. Awesome jacket!!!
  10. :eek: Seriously! Yeah they're a amazing live band, with a huge UK following! See what you think of my vids (don't judge the band on my poor camera skills lol!) My You Tube channel is emexlondaxe78 x
  11. :eek: Wow you have a seriously cool profile!!! I love some of your pictures btw they are awesome! What sort of other stuff do you do as a designer (do you have any cool examples of some of your other stuff??) Whats your fav Muse track right now?? x
  12. :$ Ha thats coz I've managed to keep my youthful looks lol! I study Art, English Language, English Literature, Media and Sociology! I would love to be a journalist after Uni because I really want to travel the world and meet new and interesting people. Also I love creative writing and making short novels from time to time! Wbu?? xx
  13. :musesign: Hey long time no speak! How have you been?? Did you have a cool Halloween?? I'm form the Uk and just so curious about you know... How the elections went?? What time is it over in your part of the world?? x:musesign:
  14. :) Hey how you been lately?? :p x
  15. :p am glad to hear it! All I need know is a suit to match! Heard all of the new muse song yet? USoE?
  16. :p More about the hair eh? It's way too long atm so I can't to my infamous hullabaloo hair :(
  17. :p:$ Its true if it wasnt for this site... NO this band we would have probably never have met lol! Я не могу живо, что я нашел кого - то как Вы!:D xx
  18. "Pass me by...

    You light up my darkest sky..."

    Darkshines or Screenager, Darkshines rules!

  19. "So be mine and your innocence

    I will consume"

    I heard an old version of Dark Shines on You Tube called Policing the Jackson Funk

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=NUHD9LTuMWg LOVE IT :D x

  20. "Floccinaucinihilipilification... its a long word

    " - Matthew Bellamy lol! Hey how are you?? btw I'm new! x

  21. :$ :Love! Ha I know how you feel deep inside we think we really know these things...:unsure

    but we can't control our feelings... and we feel afraid!

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