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  1. nope. no myspace. have fun at party! Happy New Years!

  2. Hey good thanks! Did you enjoy christmas?? Ah well I am going out to a party for new years eve so I will be celebrating all night pretty much! Hey do you have myspace?? x

  3. hey hey long time no see. hows it hanging?

  4. Yes me too. life is very dull right now. Cool I wanna travel too.. i really want to study abroad while in college..its all about money though..damn economy :(

  5. Ah life is dull at the moment! I want to travel the world, see exotic places, meet new people... I need adventure Goddamnit! x

  6. im ok..not great..but ok..how are u? lol

  7. I see there are a few people in your Girlie Thread Girlies group lol! x

  8. Hey basically I just chat to other Muse fans out there lol! Everyone finds something they connect by! Trust me there are loadsa people out there waiting! Hows things btw?? :) x

  9. haha u have a lot of friends on here. i wish i cud do that..how do u get so many friends?

  10. yep i had a fun halloween thanks. yeah and obama won and it was amazing haha

  11. :musesign: Hey long time no speak! How have you been?? Did you have a cool Halloween?? I'm form the Uk and just so curious about you know... How the elections went?? What time is it over in your part of the world?? x:musesign:
  12. Buy till you can buy no more coz there isnt a single bad Muse song out there! :)

  13. haha nope. not much at all

  14. Hey Musegirl I see that you don't have any messages yet so I thought I'd get the ball rolling! :) Have you got much of a Muse collection then?? x

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