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  1. Amii

    I got rid of my facebook so I can't poke you anymore :( Skype or msn? x

  2. Sure you'll have that! Don't think there's any way to easily get over someone. Though getting under someone else works as a quick fix sometimes.

  3. If I'm still in this place in a year I will actually kill myself. Her incredibly hot friend was around this evening (a actual 10 to mavis' 8.5/9) and still, every time I look at Mavis my heart is going 'SHE'S A 15'.

    It's hard work. Snap out of it. :awesome:

  4. As the cast of High School Musical once sang... actually no, I won't go there. Here if you need to talk innit. Very much been in the same boat for the guts of a year now! Plans for New Years?

  5. Oh I'd really rather not be!

  6. Don't be a sad Jon.

  7. You posted on your own wall :p

    There's a 1 year work visa. You go over and work/travel freely at your own leisure. :)

  8. Ok. I believe you need to have a job and you need a letter from the employer stating you're coming over for temporary work. I might be mistaken though. My roommate Roxanne has had issues with immigration in the past. Perhaps there is a travel visa as well. Anyhow I hope the process goes smoothly. Labrador wouldn't be a good place for you to come even if you wanted to as we have quite the housing crisis on our hands at the moment.

  9. Work work work!

  10. What kind of visa?

  11. Good! Because i'm trying not to eat chocolate!

  12. Canadian Visa applications open today.. I was thinking of applying. Not for labrador though.

  13. Haha sorry, I'l drop the mint agenda now

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