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    Errm... Love to act, write, I'm a uni student, been a Muse fan for quite a few years now, love to dye my hair, planning on being an actor (fingers crossed)!
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    Listenin' to 80's rock, reading, watching vids on youtube, acting, drunken fun, general uni-ness
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    Yes, Does It Offend You, Yeah? (amazing live), Pink Floyd, Starsailor, Savage Garden, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol, Sting, Kate Bush, RATM, David Bowie, Kylie, Duran Duran, Dido, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley... endless list...
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    House of Flying Daggers, Wall-e, Donnie Darko, Sweeny Todd, The Fifth Element, Saw, Chocolat, The Dark Crystal, Jim Carrey's, Anchorman, Indiana Jones...
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    Heroes, Top Gear, QI, Mock the Week, the Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Scrubs, Friends, Ugly Betty, Whose Line Is Is Anyway?, Doctor Who.
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    1984, Brave New World, , Angels and Demons, Hamlet, Catcher in the Rye, Heard it in the Plaground, Please Mrs Butler, Wicca series, Notes from the Underground, and I HATE Jane Austen!
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    All the albums, all of the Bh&R singles, a few random OoS singles, Uprising single and vinyl.
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    Earl's Court, December 2004
  1. I'm at the train station sitting opposite the Print & Copy Centre - come find me if ya want!!! Xoxo
  2. Right - I'm on my way to the train station. Il be by the buses at the exit. Hope to see some of you there xoxo
  3. Holy monkfish! I'm gonna have a shit place. Just had to pay an extra £47 for my train ticket because I forgot to grab the seat reservation ticket. My original ticket cost £13 :/ lifefail. Still, I'm still smiling!!! MUSE ftw!!!!!!!!!
  4. I've got to wait till 1:10 for my train. Don't like waiting!!! But still, if any of y'all see me, feel free to say hi - I'm wearing faux leather trousers with a turquoise top and leopard print cardi. Proper classy bird, me :/ ill be at the Intl train station before 5, leaving at 5 to go to the LG Arena if any of you wants to meet up and form a group waaaaaahhhhhh excited!!!! Xoxo
  5. Bah! I'm starting to panic now - cant really get there any earlier though :/ stupid trains. So expensive *grumbles* xoxo
  6. Damn! Can't believe people are queuing already. Sounds like I'm gonna have a shit view... :/ I'm gonna try to get up there earlier, but still meeting at 5 at the train station look out for the lass with the leopard print cardi and black trousers mega excited now!!!!!!! see y'all soon xoxo
  7. If any of y'all wants to add me on FB to check on meeting up times etc, you can search for me as Tassia Wilde better to have loads of us meet up so we can all be awesome together xoxo
  8. That would be epic, but I have no way of making such an artwork. Ill be wearing a leopard print cardigan and black trousers though - I'm a brunette too if that helps. Wish I still had purple hair - so easy for spotting but hey ho, my agent said I had to stick to natural colours.. . Buying my Muse merch there. Because I'm a sucker. Will be just inside the Train Station methinks. Warmth and all that. plan? Xoxo
  9. Anyone who wants to meet up before, we're going to the b'ham international train station for 5, then heading down to the ol' LG let me know if you want to tag along xoxo
  10. It'll be my 3rd - you'll friggin love it. I've never been standing at a muse gig before though - will be an awesome experience eeeeeeeeeeeeeee so excited now!!!! Xoxo
  11. My train should get in for 4, but then I gotta get ready and shiz back at le hotel. Could meet up at the international train station for about 5 if anyone wants to meet up to form the awesomefunmusegroupshiz lemme know. Xoxo
  12. I don't think it open until later than that... I'm just going by what it says on the tix. But can't wait either!!! xoxo
  13. It's basically a straight road from what I can gather. I know how to get to the NEC but I'm sure I can find the LG. I'm trying to get a few of us together, so if we all meet up near the station, we could all head over. Whaddaya think? I'm also standing alone (friend cancelled, but I sure ain't gonna miss this gig) Xoxo
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