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  1. i'm busy studying :D

    i guess that sure is hard to believe (even myself) lol but yeah, i'm studying!

  2. Oh my god... where have you been??

  3. hey!!!!! <3

    long long very long time no see!

  4. >..<

    i luv damn matt.

    so do you. LOL

  5. helllllo there. it has been so long time.

    and now i don't have computer anymore.

    damn it.


  6. Hi Jin how are you ???????? :D :D

    long time not see you here, i miss you . . . . :)

  7. Flo where you've been? i miss you!! :cry: Happy valentine's day :D

  8. Yeah Im good!

    School starts next Wednesday though, but ah well...



  9. hey! i'm good XD

    how are you??

  10. HI!!!!

    miss you :(

    Hope you are good :D

  11. hey... i missed you too and i do now.

    omg i've been god damn busy studying.

    get up at 6;30, go to sleep at 12;30 and study all day.

    that was amazing. well i don't actually think i did study a lot!! cuz i was like... just.. pretending or sth... u know..

    anyway.. hope you are good! :kiss:

  12. hey. long time no speak, i feel like it has been a year or something.

    well i've been busy studying. can you imagine me studying??? lol

    i'm good btw. how are you these days?

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