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  1. Showbiz: Overdue OoS: Space Dementia Absolution: Thoughts of a Dying Atheist (More of a b-side feel but still like it) BH&R: Invincible TR: Resistance T2L: Unsustainable Drones: Revolt (defo the worst out of these)
  2. I love the contrast between the heaviness of Assassin to the soothing nature of Soldier's Poem. The transition then into Glorious sounds brilliant. Starlight is just in an awkward position on the album, don't know where else to put it. Then it's simply Glorious vs Invincible and Easily vs Exo-Politics. I don't dislike these songs, I just think the b-sides are better suited.
  3. I'd take out Starlight, Invincible and Exo-Politics and insert Glorious and Easily. It's not that I dislike the aforementioned songs, it's just that these other songs fit better onto the album. I'd re-structure as follows: 1. Take a Bow 2. Supermassive Black Hole 3. Map of the Problematique 4. Assassin (GOB) 5. Soldier's Poem 6. Glorious 7. Easily 8. City of Delusion 9. Hoodoo 10. Knights of Cydonia 10 songs may be a bit short but I really enjoy the flow.
  4. I Belong to You and Undisclosed Desires. Probably get flak because they sound too "poppy" but they are so underrated. Favourite 2 songs off Resistance behind Exogenesis.
  5. I find this album to be similar to the previous two in that for every brilliant song, there's a not-so-great one (Guiding Light, USoE, Resistance vs Exo 1,2,3. Animals, Isolated System, Supremacy vs Big Freeze, Madness, Unsustainable). So pretty much half the material is great and the other half is rather uninspiring. The great: The Handler, Defector, Reapers, Psycho, Drones Not so great: Revolt, Dead Inside, Mercy, Aftermath Still undecided on the globalist.
  6. MCD confirmed Dublin sold out. http://www.mcd.ie/home/fn.php?c=2461441&ar=muse
  7. Disappointed with the Muse management for the ticket prices. Could cost me up to 90€. Animals is becoming a somewhat ironic song now.
  8. Well most of the time anyway. It's the foundation of the modern pop song. There are rare exceptions where it does sound good though, like Rebellion- Arcade Fire, but that's mainly down to the modulation into the progression
  9. My problem isn't that it's a pop song, it's that it's a pop song that is generic and musically poor. You know a song is shit when it uses the old vi-iv-i-v progression (bridge).
  10. Got two tickets for this gig but don't have a passport (being renewed) or driving licence. Should an age card/student card be sufficient or am I in trouble?
  11. Might have been posted already, sheer brilliance
  12. guerilla radio, so we can go all fúcking mental
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