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  1. Ah bless..view the conversation..then you'll see:LOL:

  2. Yep..united in Muse!:D

    Ah nice..safe to say that Muse did a good cover of it aye!:chuckle:

  3. Everyone's welcome on here hun!:happy:

    What's the song that got you into Muse anyway?

  4. :p

    Yer..and most of them are Muse fans:rolleyes::p:LOL:

  5. Badly promoted..how come?

    Haha..no worries:LOL:

    There goes my age right hand upper corner,lol!

  6. I see.Yeh you should see Muse first!:yesey: You'll never know they might still add up some dates..they did had their gig in Ukraine in 2007.I bet it'll truly be a memorable gig for you if its Muse:D

    It's not Liam doing the charity shows..it's his older brother Noel.:)

  7. Glad to know:)

    I'm alrighty thanks muchly.Not a big fan of Chester and Linkin Park to be honest,I like a few songs.Are you a fan of them?At the moment..I'm watching Noel Gallagher vids for the Teenage Cancer Trust shows,hehe:happy:But seriously I heart Matthew:p

  8. Aww,cheers hun.I heart Bellz!:$:chuckle:

    Happy weekend!:happy:

  9. Haha..you got scared for a bit,lol.Don't worry..I'll keep Liam to myself;):LOL:

    Pleased to meet you Masha!:happy:

  10. You bet I am:p Thanks dear.


    Oops..I'm Grace btw...shakes hand:D


  11. No worries.Enjoy the rest of the day:)

  12. I'm adding you on lastfm:D

  13. I could pretty much imagine:LOL: oh btw..Liam looks good on that cover:pMust have!:DI should stop now..I need sleep!-sigh-
  14. Haha,bless!Don't try what he does..just be yourself and you'd be fine:D Ooh terrifying.
  15. That's just a little add on to his charisma:p:LOL: Kudos to Bellamy for being on the list..but as much as I love him...I'd have to go with Liam as the winnar on this one,hehe!Forgive me Matt!
  16. Liam's got the voice(probably lost it at some point..but I'd like to think he had it back),the charisma,the attitude,the swagger...that is rock 'n' roll:yesey:(at least to me).He's by far a better singer than Chris Martin..but then if you're a fan of him this wouldn't make sense.
  17. I'm fine,thanks.How's you?

    I was just wondering if you receive any Christmas card from moi?(if I've asked bout this and you've replied yesh..then neglect ma message..that means I'm forgetting lots of things :$:p:LOL: )

  18. Nah..not going to the Expo,It sure is gonna be filled with lots of people,hehe! I did have a picture of me with the Haibao mascot..it was up at Kowloon Park April of 2009.I was looking for it last Feb..didn't see it at d actual spot anymore.It's cute:chuckle:It looks like a mascot tooth to me:$ Ah,September to October.Must do a whole lot of planning. What I wanted to do is to go to Beijing or Shanghai then go to HK..if I can't do it with my friends..I'll ask me mum! Thank you Stan,I'll let you know when it actually happens:happy:
  19. Climate change/global warming effects perhaps. It's so hot in Manila right now..we need a lot of rainnnn. Thank you Eileen:) When is autumn in China? Beijing and Shanghai most probably...and if you have suggestions on where to go best too. Thank you Stan:)
  20. a happy Matt while having his hair trimmed I guess:p I don't have a fave..but I liked the blue and the red I like his hair on this pic:happy:
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