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  1. achi

    You're welcome hun!:D I hope you had a great time with lots of presents too!!!:happy:

  2. achi

    Happy Birthday Melissa!:party::kiss:Hugs!:happy:

  3. I'm sure you have been:rolleyes::p:LOL: I trust your words:)

    I'm fine thanks,just been busy with work lately;)

    You have a good day alrighty!:happy:

  4. Ikr..I'm not on this board as often as I used to before:$:(

    So how was it?And how have you been?

    Speak soon!:happy:

  5. No worries:)

    Wow..how lucky!

    Nah..I don't think so..as they don't really have that much gigs in my side of the world!:p

    Good to know you're all doing good!:)

  6. I've read your e-mail:D:happy:

    I will reply to it as soon as I can..internet server's been acting up lately..for like a month now..boo!

    Hope all is great with you my friend!:kiss:

  7. Happy birthday Nick!!!Have a great one!:party::dance::party:

  8. I was on chat two days ago if I remember it right,lol!Received your mail on fb:happy:


    We'll speak soon!

  9. Been watching re-runs only...Ruruouni Kenshin and Yuyu Hakusho (old stuffs:LOL: ) Sorry for the late reply..haven't been on the board that much.
  10. I'm good Val,busy with work as always:p:LOL:

    How have you been my dear?


    Miss you..:kiss:

  11. Ooh nice:DI've done the same too,(I did listen to that song from Twilight(about twice).I'm not that happy about it really..I get the title mixed up so I won't mention it:LOL: ) Manga and anime:cool:I luv:awesome:
  12. Happy Birthday indeed!(well belated,Matt's getting old:p) ..and that early photo made me:LOL: How have you been?How's everyone?
  13. Yes to this! I am for CE! (but meh it's not on the choices) And the average rating for most of the songs on it is not lower than 6..
  14. Vote for the greatest Muse track..hmmm...linkage here http://www.nme.com/rate/bestmusetrack/18/last/21/rate/8 (if there's a thread that already exists..my apologies..I did not use the search function..I'm bored,lol)
  15. Val:kiss:


    No worries hun..I try not to be always on board..but I just couldn't help it:chuckle::LOL:

    I'm alright thanks very much.We'll speak soon:)


    Take care always.Love

  16. Bonjour ma belle!:D

    the arrow - - - > points at yer LB :p:LOL:

  17. I'm fine Maylee,thanks.Of course I remember.How are you?:)

  18. Now that the vid is up on FB...Don't Look Back In Anger is Pure fun!xD The guitarist tot'lly nailed it!I didn't know you can play.Well done Stan:happy:
  19. Ah nice..Oasis fans gathering:D I can't download rar files Stan,thanks for sharing the link though...I looked at the pics..could tell right away that all of you guys had a whole lot of fun:chuckle:
  20. A year ago..on this very date..I was in HK...went to see Oasis the following day:awesome: I seriously want to go back in HK atm:(
  21. Will wait!:chuckle:

    Have a great day!:)

  22. OMG!!!!!:awesome:

    Happy Easter my dear!:happy:

  23. Too young to have problems with memory...erm..that should be me!:LOL:

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