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    Ding dong! :p:p:p

  2. Stan,question - when's the best time to go Mainland China...for sightseeing and stuffs? If it's cold weather minus rain..it's fine too:chuckle:My friend and I are planning to go there... Many thanks.
  3. They did made mention of Muse...sila ung pinakaunang sinabi...followed by Kasabian then Arctic Monkeys..then ung nakita mo na.
  4. Coz it's the 8th already here..HAPPY BIRTHDAY AM!:party::happy::party:


    Hope you'll have a great day..may all your dreams and wishez come true!OMG..ur 18 now!:eek:Have fun!


    Supermassive hugs and love!:kiss:


    I'll give you a pwoper txt tomorrow:p

  5. I didn't write a proper review too,just blah blahs:LOL:...it's like all that happened on the recent gig...sticks on my memory. Bless..it sure is gonna hit us all,sooner or later. I listen to them less now....bout 3-4 songs yesterday..none today hurrah,lol.
  6. Lucky! It's been a month now since the HK gig... I need to move on....
  7. We got two Muse annivs now:p Only that the 1st gig was memorable coz it's the first time seeing them and they were great..but Feb 6 stands out (out of the two)...coz that gig is full of awesomeness:happy:
  8. Not sure..tingin ko iba ung sa Animax. Kase ung sa Channel V,the one making the interview is VJ nila..VJ Dom interviewing Dom Howard..but who knows.Later we'll find out. Yeh..it's the same interview.Tinanong kasi sya kung naka-visit na sya sa ibang places sa Asia for holidays...then sinabi nya na nakapunta na sila ng Thailand and that they're off again to Thailand the day after the HK gig..most probably sa beach.
  9. Did you ever get to see Plugged Muse on there..few minute interview with Dom before nilang magperform sa Asia World Arena..and glimpse of the HK gig(Uprising and SBMH)? I hope Channel V doesn't turn out to be MTV Pilipinas..unti unti na nilang nilalagyan ng segments from here..I could understand na it had to be done somehow sure.. but it'll be nice to see variations of music from other parts of Asia..me myx naman eh. Me wantz another Myoose gig!
  10. It was 3 years ago when I first saw MUSE LIVE IN HONGKONG! Happy 3rd Muse anniversary!
  11. Nah..I tried searching on youtube..but there's none there.None on the V website as well..maybe because I'm not a registered mmember that's why I can't access everything.I saw it again..many times this week on Channel V.. 5 minutes(more or less),in between programs..now dubbed as Plugged MUSE. As for the Animax one..I'll have to check a program on a certain date.
  12. Stan..I was watching V Plugged last Saturday..and they had this few minute interview with Dom just before the gig and he said in there that they were off to Thailand the following day (but of course I believed you when you said they're going there for a holiday:chuckle: ) Dom interviewing Dom.Also they showed a bit of the performances from the gig (Uprising and SMBH)before getting into the Resistance video.A replay already I think..then I saw it again Saturday night..and my mum was like "Oh Muse":rolleyes: But I'm thinking you've seen it already.Ok I'll stop:LOL: P.S. I was going over the channels on TV while ago..and I saw Dom on Animax..and when I went back at the channel..it's gone..I wonder what he said on there...
  13. Argh...wrong scheduling of my trip too.Should've made Feb 7 as my last day for that time beingSo much for imagining them being at places in HK.:$Thailand...most probably on the beach. How come you knew all this? Aww hugs hun! So much for our our fantasies:$ I haven't worn my black Muse shirt yet.
  14. I was reviewing the pics I took when I got back to the hotel..and I pressed one wrong button accidentally and bamm..no more pics:'(..I wasn't even halfway going over them..and it wasn't just the Muse gig that was deleted..all the other stuffs dating back 2009..including Oasis Live in HK.Meh I felt so stupid:( And not knowing what to do about it..that morning of Feb7 ,I just used the same memory stick..Still finding ways to recover it..meh..Oh well that's life I guess...had to live with it. true. Did you know where they're at the following day?I was hoping I'd stumble on them on places that I go on Feb 7..coz I was wearing my Uprising shirt:$:LOL:Did Muse left HK right away or stayed for a few more days?
  15. achi


    MUSE were great!!!!New songs are awesome live:yesey:

    And Bellz is love!:$

  16. Did Muse mention if they're gonna come back within this year or the next? Ditto.Can't wait to see them again too! I made the biggest mistake ever:'( Oh black checkered shirt it is then,haha!Yay glasses! Yeh yeh I saw that.When it was on direction...it had to go back to this girl 2 persons before me.Me being camera shy just let it pass through me..should've flicked the V sign too,haha!Are the journos from HK or part of the Muse crew?:unsure:But yeh,it's bollocks to get filmed while you've queued for such a long time already,most especially for you guys who have been there earlier.Too many swear words Stan!:LOL:
  17. Ah I see..5:30 pm of Feb 5. Lucky you get to meet them! Oh you did..that's sweet! I was hoping to meet Stan and the people she's with...you includedBut I overnap!:$Is overnap even a word?.Next time Eileen,next time:happy:There should be a meet up before the gig,haha! I didn't see any keychains:stunned:And I was like in first row of the line on merchs:facepalm: I had that shirt too yay..also the Uprising shirt and the Muse tour programme:D
  18. Awww..bless:LOL:There were too many people on there for you to recognize me,hahaha!If only we had the face-detection feature,lmao! I was looking at Keane's fb..and I think I saw you on two of the pics..not sure:$(Were you wearing a blue checkered long sleeve sumthing lyk that?I could be wrong:p) Oh cool...if I just arrived early..I could've met all of you guys.I was so sleepy by the time I arrived in HK..woke up early for the flight.So when my friends and I reached the hotel,bout 2:30pm ..we all took a nap..and I woke up round 4:15:eek:I was like "shit..you're going on a Muse gig..hurry up!:LOL:" Kasabian,nice:happy: Oh you spoke with teh Kirk! Immense indeed.Awww..you're not alone:chuckle:I said "f#@ker" even before the gig started to someone:$ Now I'm not sure if I'll go standing next time:LOL: (awaits for the next Muse gig there) It's rough..but it's fun too:yesey:
  19. achi

    Glad to know hun.I'm fine thanks.Still on a high..I saw Bellz..I mean Muse:chuckle::awesome:

  20. Aww..sorry bout that Val.But that doesn't mean we can't be happy aye.And I'm sure the right guy will come to you real soon!:)


    Love you too:kiss:

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    How's you ma dear?

  22. achi

    I don't think so,lol!

  23. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!:)

  24. achi

    WHO IS?:p:LOL:

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