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  1. My message was posted a year ago!:LOL:


    Merry Christmas Maylee!:xmas:


  2. Heya.Merry Christmas to you too.Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

  3. Toothache?:unsure::LOL:

    Hope you'll have a nice weekend Nick!:happy:

    Christmas is fast approaching!:eek:

  4. Ah kk:LOL: D'you claim it already?
  5. Â The one with the transfer code.Have you gotten it already?
  6. Â I'm not sure if we have the special designed tickets here too..(for foreign acts) Â Btw: Did you get my PM last Monday?
  7. Uber-cool! This one's my fave:D Creativity ftw! http://t.douban.com/view/photo/photo/public/p357108632.jpg
  8. Aspirins are for cold? I didn't knew:$...well I never really take meds..only when I have a massive headache.

  9. :LOL:

    I still have cold:eek:

  10. Happy Birthday:party::party::party:

  11. Happy Birthday Deb!:kiss:

  12. yeh same reaction..wow. Tickets are 3950,1550 and 550 respectively. I wanna go..but I dunno:(
  13. Week's been alright.Monday got too much work..then Tuesday..less work:D We'll see what happens tomorrow,lol.Oh last Sunday..we put our Christmas tree:DStill putting some other Christmas decorations at home..hehe!


    Happy Thanksgiving by the way!(better late than never:p)


    And how's your week been Nicko?

  14. I'm not sure how many tickets they've added.Looked up at the website..and yeh..it's still available.:)

  15. You can use someone else's cc though..to purchase.But when you claim your ticket you have to present the card and an authorization from the owner that you're using his/her card for that transaction.

  16. HK Ticketing added standing tickets!!!!:D

  17. Yeh I saw the all red too round 7:45pm. And great that they've added tickets! That means I still have time:D
  18. I went onto the HK Ticketing Website just now..and Seats are available(still) for Standing Tickets for $580.Computer error or what? Now paranoia is sinking in:$ -sigh-
  19. Yeh already.I was gonna buy it round December..got too complacent that it'll not sold out easily..but meh.If no other chance for the standing then I'll try the reserve seating:) Have you booked ur flight yet?

  20. Haven't bought the ticket yet..but I looked at HK Ticketing just now..and standing tix are sold out!:eek:

  21. What the?!?!!That was fast. What about in the stores?
  22. Yeh we'll see:p



  23. Haha..onga Twilight na kasi:LOL: Napanuod ko nga ung Twilight nung isang lingo sa Star Movies...pinanuod ko lang ung baseball part:LOL: Ahhhh..I love PIB:awesome:
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