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  1. hi, been searching for pinoys here..finally, nakita ko rin kayo...can you add me up? pls kip n touch..thanx, by the way..

  2. ^ This is Sugar's former avatar. Muse video, Hysteria. NICE. NOooo babe that's not Vicky, that's Alyssa, a.k.a art star (IOV) I'm listening to your Origin Of Symmetry and Absolution. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're a doll
  3. Woo Aly you're here! Says Muse Int'l and I think its just a picture. Nothing significant, really. But IDK, I checked this site out and I saw a Malaysia thread in the Muse forum somewhere. Apart from Canada, US, Europe, Japan, Muse has gone to Portugal. There's still hope. For the meantime let's just talk. You know Justin Theroux?
  4. Represent! Hi. My name is Les. And I dream to see Muse perform live in Manila. edit: OH C'MON FILIPINOS CAN'T BE THIS FEW. Maybe I wasn't read. Again, I'm Pinay, and I love the band. Let us discuss how we can make MUSE more well-known in the area so I can make that dream come true. Help me help myself, man. <3
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