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  1. achi

    Happy Valentines Day hun! A bit cheesy celebration I think...but oh well!:p:LOL:



  2. Happy Valentines Vallo!:kiss:

  3. Hmmm..I'd settle for MK Ultra than Guiding Light:LOL: (it was good hearing it live I guess..than the album version,hehe!) but Dead Star was ....just AMAZING!!!!
  4. I saw Muse last Saturday!:awesome::happy:

  5. Oh wow..that's so cool.When did Muse arrive at HK anyway? Just came back from HK(so I'm a bit wasted at the moment:LOL: )....and agreed Eileen..it was an awesome gig!!!! Stan...I didn't see you at the gig:'( I was gonna THANK YOU personally and to meet you of course..but I came at the venue round 5pm..bought some Muse merchs first and queued up by 6pm or 6:30 I think....and was already on the A3 zone area...pretty long line,lol.You were probably upfront.Amazing gig.Hopefully we'll see come next gig!:DLots of love! P.S. Woo..I didn't get lost at the train station!:LOL: edit: it's almost 4 am in a few minutes..I need sleep now..work tomorrow(boo) Byeee for now..
  6. Helo Alex.Yes I did.Thank you very much again!

    I'll send you something on my free time:$:D

  7. Haha..congratulations!I'm sure you had fun playing.

    I haven't received any yet hun..just delayed maybe..don't worry.:)


    And thank you very much in advance!:happy:

  8. LB Paola:eyebrows:



  9. Oh hello dear.Haven't done much either..just the comp,lol.I rarely watch tv nowadays..it's weird.Yayyy,Muse <3


    Hope your having a nice Sunday!:happy:

  10. Happy 2010 to you and your family Alex!:happy:

  11. Happy New Year to you too! :happy:

  12. Thankies!:happy:


    I forgot I was on chat:LOL:

  13. Aw thanks..you too dear..all the best for 2010.:happy:

  14. No worries Nick.Happy New Year in advance..maybe you'll greet back just in time:p (I kid:LOL: )


    HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR!!!!:happy:May it be a fruitful 2010 for you ma friend!

  15. Thank you Anna!I'm alrighty my dear!Hope you're having a nice Christmas! x

  16. achi

    Mewwy Christmas Proc!:xmas:

  17. Merry Christmas Alex!:xmas:

  18. Merry Christmas!:xmas: And Happy Birthday for tomorrow!:happy:

  19. achi

    Happy Christmas Melissa!:xmas::kiss:

  20. Merry Christmas Nick!:xmas:

    Hope you'll have a great day..and that you get all nice presents!!!! xD:happy:

  21. Merry Christmas Laura!:xmas:

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