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    I am married to Ian and have a son Michael and a daughter Emma, also a BIG MUSE fan.
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    The restaurant at the end of the universe
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    MUSE, reading, painting, learning the guitar, skiing, horseriding
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    11th November 2006, MEN
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  1. Qd 24 hours, 1deg overnight... First in, perfect barrier spot Infront of Matt, The Groove and Fury and Reapers was absolutely awesome. Top gig.... Number 3 of all.
  2. I'm in... Can't quite believe it... All the gigs together are just about half the capacity of MEN... Muse gig 21, #gameOn
  3. I promised myself I wouldn't get sucked into the hype... Again.. But here I am... Again... With a big fish hook in my lip totally on the hook... Again. Damn you Muse!
  4. I totally get the vengeance thing... imagine you were an athlete who has previously competed on a world stage but come, say, second... s/he will be going into that race thinking 'this is my time, I will not be beaten this time... vengeance will be mine! Totally get it.
  5. Shmm mmmummm bllmmm sorry just eating all my words from earlier today... THAT WAS FUCKING EPIC... UsOE got drunk one night, went out, FUCKED Bohemian Rhapsody and Survival is the bastard love child of that encounter..... Matt Bellamy, you're totally bonkers mental but that's why I love you!
  6. The official 30 second clip on the BBC website is a different clip to the one posted earlier as a twitvid (sorry if I am repeating what's already been said) but I still don't like it... I am hoping the full version will be revealed in total, glorious, splendid beauty a little later... but I am not holding my breath.
  7. I honestly thought that twitvid was a spoof, something some little Troll was posting to get views etc until I heard Matt's voice... then I nearly cried. I am, however, looking forward to the point when the all ass kicking guitar and rock kick in leaving me with a massive smile on my face... and then... I will quite happily eat up all my words...
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