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  1. well done getting a ticket btw! and thats dedication coming from greece! what time to get there, i don't really have any experience of that muse-wise, but maybe get there an hour/hour and a half before doors open to get to the front? you'll probably be better off asking other people lol.
  2. I got 4 seated tickets for the 13th at O2 arena when I asked for 4 standing (:@), would it be worth trying to swap these tickets on the day with a tout, possibly paying a bit more money to them aswell, what are the chances the tickets would be real etc.? thanks
  3. the milk bottle is awesome, how long did it take you?
  4. bit random really, done it last year while bored in maths
  5. would've been interesting to hear with strings, maybe they could do it a TCT. But I quite like the (is it a synth organ?) sounds where it goes into micro cuts cos it's unique.
  6. Citizen Erased - Light blue, ice kinda feel, spesh during the latter Knights Of Cydonia - Orange / red Map Of The Problematique - Orange / bit of black Hoodoo - Grey Muscle Museum - Brown Bliss - Blue Balloons (where did I get that idea from?)
  7. could change soon Citizen Erased Falling Away With You Glorious Time Is Running Out Hysteria close contenders: Blackout Take A Bow New Born Fillip
  8. erm I think it might have been Plug In Baby, on a music channel, not sure which one though. This was quite a while ago, before I was into music properly, and as the video isn't exactly normal, I got a bit freaked out by it thinking wtf is this and turned it over thinking they were some heavy band and of course if I ever saw Muse on a music channel shortly after that I would just turn it over, but then of course I got really into music, then shortly after that I heard SMBH and thought cool lets get the album, then got more albums etc. etc.
  9. I don't think CE is overrated. It's my #1 fave muse song but fair enough if you think it's overrated
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