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  1. Selling my unused Resistance era Muse Wallet, it's got a few days left http://bit.ly/1ac5XAI Also have a framed Lithographic (INCREDIBLE QUALITY) print of the HAARP promo poster, if anyone's interested in that let me know MUCH LOVE! X
  2. Enjoy Everything Everything, they're incredible!
  3. A real party atmosphere and it's never really been that way to me for the 10 times I've seen them, perhaps partly the crowd vibes and partly the tone of the new album
  4. That was amazing Matt was loving us rear viewers. It was their playground tonight and the set list was quite interesting. Rear view tickets were a bargain considering how matt was performing
  5. OK so i have had my suspicions that they would play since the line up for 2010 was announced. Matt said recently in an interview that he thinks they're gonna do one festival next year, so to play Reading Festival would be finishing off the tour for the album in the UK as they did with BHAR at V festival 2008. They have now popped on efestivals.co.uk as being a " STRONG RUMOUR" for the friday, Their performance was amazing at Reading Festival 2006 so this would be on hell of a show, thoughts?
  6. are you the gaz griff who went to oxegen in ireland to see muse?

  7. Well Happy Birthday Gareth :D

  8. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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