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  1. lol i dont really go to many venues...the charlotte is prolly the most popular though, ill try n turn up with my mates tho if you do come
  2. yeh, if you have any advance copies of Eps/LPs id be really interested...i dont mind payin full price for it, even if you have them cos id rather the money go 2 the band, not the shop. i like your style, most bands would go for the rock/punk style because its easier, but tbh alot of it sound too similar or...crap fresh ideas ...n if you ever come to leicester, let me know
  3. 2 more good uns there lol you realise if you get a contract n make an album, we'll have all your songs? btw did i miss any? ive got applecore and red leader and those two....
  4. ah sorry, i know i sent it to you....but its all messed on my pc n wont work with the new soundcard
  5. lol i had a dream about a wah probe it was all weird and digital too, like you put your foot in the normal position and it worked out the sensitivity......strannnnnnnge dream
  6. hey, bet you could....take an out from your tape deck intot he mic socket on your soundcard, then just record in something like adobe audition(cooleditpro)...ive got a website an *cough*seriel keys* for it if you want it, pm me
  7. wow! you could buy a new guitar every week if your board included food!
  8. lucky git...itd take me yonks to save £400! just my luck there no job vacancies around for a 16 year old next september :indiffere
  9. lol i can see how you get those 2 mixed up :indiffere
  10. hey, ive got nowhere near enough for a fuzz factory but how exactly does it work? its only got one switch and 5 knobs so can you only have one setting at a time and have to kneel down on stage to change it except from on/off?
  11. ive got squier strat which is really good, im not really an expert on guitars but theres nothing wrong with it and its great to play, only problem is, ive had 3 strings snap in 3 weeks on the saddle, but after having it checked out, its just my playing style that did it and a bit of bad luck. if you're not that bothered about prices, the setup pack is about £200 and if i were you, id ask a shop about getting new pickups and, depending on the model, a thicker scratchplate than 1 ply as the screw positioning on the scratchplate is lacking at the top which does make a handy place to wedge my pick, but when somebody else was using it, they managed to push it down inside my guitar which was a nuisance. ive not got any new pickups as of yet, but my suggestion would be a bridge seymour duncan hotrail which is a small form of humbucker pickup. as for the bridge and neck regular fender or seymour duncan single coils for strat would be a sensible suggestion and you'd want to get the hotrail coil tapped, which means that you could use it as a single coil pickup aswell. if you dont understand bits of that, post back here or e-mail me at donbenjy@hotmail.com as i cant be bothered explaining stuff if you already know about it. if you do want advice on pickups, i know the basics and could suggest a few arrangements and modifications that would give you a wider option although you really should ask biblical about them as he knows practically EVERYTHING
  12. if it does, ill have it in midi and i can scrnshot it or give the link to a free program to edit/open it in
  13. on most muse songs, its actually easier to miss some of the 0's out and just do a 16th rest instead, thats what i do...im working on a midi of the official tab, so ill put the link and a free program for that if you want to hear it, its good cos you can edit the tab so you can work out what sounds good without having lightning fast fingers or a robotic hand (thats what matt has...he told me once)
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