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  1. Evitar a toda cantidades de costes que tiene en el tercer período de mora. Mantener una cantidad importante de referencias, con preferencia buena prestamos rapidos sin papeleos y fiables, informó a la agencia de crédito. La siguiente es una calculadora que evalúa el índice de pago de su empresa se muestra públicamente en la oficina de crédito. Sólo hay que insertar el período adecuado para el equilibrio de las operaciones no financieras. También se puede jugar con la cantidad para ver cómo las fluctuaciones influyen en el nivel y luego se ajustan de manera eficiente su promedio.

  2. dwydav

    sound engineers

    Just out of curiosity Link, are you doing this course at SAE?
  3. Your sig is the most awesome thing makind has ever seen.

  4. "Wasn't expecting to be blown away a second time but that hostel really did it for me!" Wat?

  5. http://davidodwyer.deviantart.com/
  6. Awww. :happy:

    I listened & watched "50 Years To This Day."

    It made my horrible day feel a lot lovelier. :)

  7. I must say I've always loved your music, it's never an "easy" listen, which for me makes it rather interesting, sort of like The Mars Volta don't provide an "easy" listening too if you get what I mean.. Thumbs up dude
  8. I expect to hear a nice Franz review.

  9. yay, recorded a new song this weekend, and watch out, IT'S BILINGUAL!! Oh yeah! Heartbreak in two languages! check it out! http://www.myspace.com/davidodwyermusic it's the one called "jamais (To Make You Suffer)"
  10. You were in my dream a couple of nights ago!

  11. *shakes fist angrily at the world of online social interacting through personal pages!*
  12. cool, doesn't bother me really, just thought I;'d be the annoying guy to point it out
  13. Hmm wasn't very clear in that at all. Meant to say that perhaps since the inclusion of 'username URLS" in facebook, that Facebook have changed the way their pages are displayed and thus I can't get the required form of address that the board needs to link the little facebook icon to my facebook page? clearer?
  14. Righto, trying to add a facebook link to thingy to my profile, and it says that the board needs the whole http://www.facebook.com/user.php/ addy for it to work. I've been messing about with it for about 10 minutes just trying different things, and it occurred to me that it may not be working since Facebook added the use of Usernames (like myspace) so yeah... If it's just me being silly, let me know, otherwise I think there may be a glitch! Cheeears! David
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