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  1. Recent studies indicate that when playing the most games are unlockedgamesstudyhall games with high-intensity action can improve the player's reflexes. It is important for you to handle situations that require precision and agility as interaction between the player and the game also makes the combination of eye and hand more flexible.

  2. phill, I'm pretty sure that there's a way to wire yours the exact way you want it, and not using an LP switch if you don't want to btw...I'll have a think about it and get back to you
  3. Valvestate (valve preamp with a solid state power amp) amps are generally regarded to be worse than decent all solid state amps. They're not really one or the other. However, I have heard good things about the valvetronics. But imho, your amp should be the purest part of the signal chain, and I'm not at all a fan of effects on amps, even for convenience purposes. What's your price range, and what criteria do you have?
  4. Yeah, but what I'm saying is don't rule out casio until you try the privia range they're nothing like the kiddie keyboards they make. (I did once play with a guy at church who brought in his cheap casio because the clav we had "wasn't good enough" though )
  5. ..you don't want ANY sounds, or you mean you don't want a synth (pads, strings, etc)? If you don't mind me asking, what Casio do you have right now? The Privia range are pretty nice, but if you just have a keyboard, it's not the same. I have a Clavinova, and it's nice, though ours is pretty old. I'm not sure you really want a stage piano though - they generally don't have speakers and you need to buy a separate amp for them. As for korg, well they don't make digital pianos, so you can't really judge them for that - they make good products for the right application. Realistic piano action isn't there
  6. Yeah it does look alot like a toy imho. I don't get why people would spend so much on a pedal for home use...The past 60 years of guitar history made do without drum loops and click tracks to practice Anyway, I'm down to either the headrush (looks really easy to use live, but you can only store one loop at a time), the RC-20xl (expensive, and I don't know if I can justify it over the headrush) or the Digitech Jamman (from all accounts, a better version of the Rc-20, but I'm always wary of digitech for some reason...) Ideas?
  7. I heard that was crap so I did'nt put it on But if it's not bad then I'll consider it (only has one pedal though, so foot control may be difficult). It's also the same price as the headrush, which has delay function too! Oh yeah, as I'm probably gonna be using it for layer/background sounds or riffs, it's kinda important to have a good tap tempo feature so I can slot in with the rest of the band! ooops, I forgot to put the line 6 JM4 on the list
  8. Best looper pedal for live use? RC-20xl Headrush DL4 or jamman? I probably only want a couple of layers, and want to be able to control it with my feet, but I'm really not bothered as long as its nice If it doesnt matter, I'll get the headrush as it cheapest...
  9. Yeah, it's very split from what I've heard: most reviews say it's good, but there are some bad user reviews out there too. We have a UF8 in a studio, but I've not played with it as it's always really busy in there and there are time constraints Has a nice action from the feel of things though (but I think the UF7 has "semi-weighted" keys rather than hammer action ones in the UF8... Anyone else has experience with the keystation? Action is quite important to me, as I can always get a Korg nanokontrol or something for parameter control.
  10. I'll check out the Privia as well...maybe I'm being too selective, but I'm looking for a nice action keyboard to learn piano on (obviously unless I get a stage piano, I won't have the full experience, but I have a Clavinova at home anyway - this is something for when I'm at uni, I also want transport and assignable faders/knobs to use with live/reason, but all in the same unit, and cheap Wouldn't hurt to have a couple of (limited) sample banks too, but I think that's pushing it. I was considering getting an older keyboard/piano and a midisport to plug into my macbook pro, but I think that'll defeat the portability side of things, as older is gonna= bulkier
  11. wow, really? Can't find a keystation pro for anything close to that cheap here I might grab just a 61 keystation, although I'm looking at the CME UF7 as it has transport controls and faders too
  12. Can anyone recommend a cheap weighted midi keyboard/controller? Or a digital piano that I could use as a controller? Nothing smaller than 49 keys please
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