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  1. Get that checked out mate, sounds like there's no blood getting there Unless it's some weird ball painting game you're playing?
  2. If you didn't link the middle two together then how would that work? The principle is that you're shorting hot to ground @ the OP: wire the switch like that in parallel with the output jack (don't put it in series with anything )
  3. perhaps not that bad, but it just seems a little bit of a frankenstein imho. I really don't like the extended top horn, the scratchplate shape, and the headstock.
  4. that makes me feel like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRn5-LQCg2s&feature=related
  5. + 1 I either pick something too hard, or way too easy so I get bored. It definitely helps if you're working it out yourself though, although solos are gay to work out note for note sometimes
  6. ...no, that looks like an F without the low strings fretted.
  7. oh, I swear it was: --- --- -2- -2- -2- --- What you put is just F5 E5 D5 (if we're in drop D) Still not sure that would be right though...
  8. ...they're all augmented chords...there's no way that's right!
  9. haha, oh yeah! If you can revive all the info, and still want it I can do it for you! I'm finished uni now so I have nothing to do for 3 weeks
  10. probably less I'll go for £15 btw the mini-KP is apparently nothing like the actual KP. Buying it cheaply won't make you sound like Matt.
  11. Where do you get them in the UK? Where did you get yours from Jack? I hope Denmark street cos I'm off to London next week
  12. yeah, tube guards are gay - I was thinking about yellowjackets for my classic 30, but I realised there's no chance they'd fit with the tube guard on
  13. lol yeah, they tend not to work out too well Tis a fine line to walk between coolness and looking like a knob
  14. You may not wanna see this Not quite sure what going on here...I think I'm just amazed by my own playing
  15. It sounds quite like the battery died tbh, or the transistor blew. Try replacing the battery, and if that fails, check inside the case - i Know ZVex used to tape spare transistors inside the case, but not sure if that's still the case. Don't try replacing it if you don't know what you're doing though. If you email Zvex through his site, he's normally really helpful with stuff like this! And I think you probably need to read up ALOT on pedals, and basic electronics, as it sounds like you may damage something in the future: Firstly, you don't charge pedals, they either run off mains power, or batteries. The batteries are entirely separated from the mains power. Secondly - not sure how you imagined this would happen, but there absolutely no way in which the FF could get power from the whammy! There's only 1 lead linking the pedals and that carries the guitar signal! Yo mentioned that you tries running the FF from "its own" power supply...was that the same one that you use for the whammy? That could have damaged something: the whammy uses AC (alternating current) while the FF uses DC (direct current). DO NOT ever connect a power supply without checking.
  16. normally the FX loop is after the preamp, so yeah, it'd just roll back the input to the poweramp section, making the controls less sensitive. It would depend on whether your loop is series or parallel though, as putting a volume pedal in a parallel loop would probably have no effect...unless you have a wet/dry blend on the amp. Could you not use a hot plate anyway? surely the impedance and power rating of the speaker is the same on a valve amp, so why wouldn't it work? All it does is to take the output from the power amp and dissipate some as heat before the signal gets to the speaker. Whether on a valve amp or a transistor, the output of the amp is always gonna be the same! oh yeah, I'm back I guess
  17. coolio! Well check out your nearest sound control, as it's a full UK sale! This suggests that there's none anywhere near you, but then it says there's 15 in Brum, when I definitely know that they sold out on Thursday, so it's probably lying
  18. cos teh valves run cool innit I'd say it's definitely worth buying one if you don't have 100% of your overdrive/distortion needs
  19. Vox cooltron Big Ben Overdrive: £30!!!!!!! rrp is like £140...Get em at Sound Control quick! I wanted the over the top boost, but they'd already sold out! tis actually really nice for a pedal with a gimmicky valve in it! Still not sure how they manage to get it to run off 9v! It actually takes 4 AAs so when you use batteries it only uses 6v in! But yeah, just using it to kick my amp into dirty, and it works really well! The switch is abit cheap feeling, but apparently it's still tbp, so it probably uses a relay!
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