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  1. Teasers look amazing. But they're all pictures/video taking from the stage itself. I want an audience view. Someone better be periscoping. Is that even still a thing? Or do the kids use something else these days?
  2. I just wonder how all these effects and extras will be visible for everyone on the floor.
  3. Oh my. The teasers on IG show so many dancers/extras. It’s gonna be like musical theatre. Still not entirely sure if I’m going to go.
  4. I'm still wondering if parts of the props we've seen are augmented reality. I just can't imagine them handing out special glasses to everyone, or requesting they look at their phone. Maybe the augmented experience will be on screens?
  5. Polls still work too! Nice new board is nice. The Algorithm AR version is amazing, masterfully put together, so I suppose that one is the best song of the bunch, but I still voted Void acoustic, just because I enjoy it a tiny bit more.
  6. Depends. They were talking about having loads of actors/extras this time around. So it may not even be a band member that ends up wearing it.
  7. The giant bot/spider/skeleton may be a permanent fixture, but the bot-suit they showed off earlier probably is for use with one song.
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  9. More props and extras means fewer rotations i’m afraid. Though that giant robot thing blows the dildrone out of the water, doesn’t look like cardboard and staples at all.
  10. Wow, there's people talking in my profile thingy. Didn't even know that was possible, yet you've been doing it since 2009. Hi.

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