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  1. Since it was apparently released on some streaming services and not illegally leaked, I don't mind listening to it. It's... alright, I like the instrumentation. But it has that uncomfortable "Matt's sincerely whispering bad lyrics in my ear" feeling.
  2. Yup, it's Matt-by-numbers until the very end of the clip when he throws in some Twin-Peaksy curveballs. Which could turn out pretty cool.
  3. Someone please let him do a full film score already! Pretty neat! I hope I don't insult him when I express the hope that this one remains instrumental. EDIT: Oh well, he mentioned it's him on piano and singing and the BBC orchestra doing the rest, apparently. Still exciting.
  4. Of course the risk with a long hiatus is that if the long awaited new album isn't well received, fans will be extra mad.
  5. They can pull a Rammstein, for all I care. Occasional big shows, small tours, maybe a standalone single release here and there, some side projects of mixed quality, and then an album after a 10 year hiatus that doesn't sound stale or forced. I'd rather wait for 10 years for an album that I can listen to for years than waiting for two years for an album that I only listen to for a month.
  6. I see. Rooky mistake.... I seem to have regressed you’re 2004 n00b status.
  7. Usually we begin speculating around this time. I haven’t heard any buzz or tentative plans this time around, but that may be because I tend to get my info from this place, which has passed away. Anything out there?
  8. This is exciting news people. We've been waiting for this for years. Talk. Any word of a related show/mini-tour?
  9. Ooohhh. It’s real! Guess I finally gotta get myself a record player. And a CD player too, now that I think of it.
  10. Yeah, they really need to release a b-sides and early EP-stuff collection on Spotify.
  11. Reapers. I totally forgot about the solo and outtro. It had been a long time since I listened to any of Drones. Only Reapers and the Handler have really withstood the test of time for me, but both are better than I remembered.
  12. Some review when BHaR just came out said it sounded like two Daleks climaxing or something along those lines. I have that image in my head every time I hear it.
  13. I'm getting to the bottom of this! Is it possible that you saw Cage the Elephant play their cover of Golden Brown in 2011? I don't think they played that song any time before 2017 though.... It's a good version, check it out! It's quite surprising how few bands have covered this song. I suppose because it's about heroin.
  14. Especially back then the fan community was pretty good at registering and analyzing every second of Muse's musical output so it seems unlikely this would have gone unnoticed, unless it happened in 90s obscurity before they were famous (and even then the bootlegs of that period were numerous). Would have been great though!
  15. The Stranglers themselves played Golden Brown during their set at Glasto 2010.
  16. Just curious. Is anyone still listening to this album? I put some of my favorite songs on various Spotify playlists, so I still hear those songs, but I haven't listened to the whole thing in months.
  17. Which makes sense, if they were inspired by season 8.
  18. Cool, didn't realize it was directly from the show.
  19. Have any native High Valyrian speakers translated those bits yet?
  20. Pretty nice! I like the way he uses his voice in this one.
  21. Not in Isolated System so much, that's true. Exogenesis is written as a rock symphony though, if he were to do a film score, I'd say he doesn't need Dom and Chris' input or labor to write and perform not-rock symphonic music.
  22. Yeah same, for Matt's creative output. Not at all because Chris and Dom would be holding him back musically, but more that thinking within the constraints of a band might limit his artistic range. Not sure if that would be good for the band though.
  23. Matt posted a snippet of the studio version on IG. Can’t judge it yet cause I only listened on my phone speakers. With a vid of him pretending to be in GoT with a futuristic cubist glove.
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