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  1. I see. So some sort of compilation album inspired by the show then, not music that’ll actually be featured in it.
  2. I just feel bad for alleged hit single Get Up and Fight. And Blockades and the Void, that’s really a shame, actually.
  3. I did a fart yesterday that sounded eerily similar to Stockholm Syndrome's opening bass slide. I immediately got the rest of the riff stuck in my head and been humming the song since. Have you ever farted (part of) a Muse song?
  4. Dalek piano always wins. Even if it's just standing there.
  5. People who see them more than once per tour must be big fans. And big fans must know by now that variety isn’t really part of their thing anymore, especially during the American leg of the tour. So I don’t think too much is lost. I just really hope we get to see the Void and Blockades make an appearance at some point. Would be a shame if they don’t get to see the light of day.
  6. Of course. I suppose that's why I was expecting them to rotate a bit more in the beginning to get a feel and some practice in for all potential songs they'll be performing this tour, including planned rotations. The fact that they're not makes me wonder if they plan to mix it up at all. But I suppose time will tell. Like I a said, I'm totally cool with it, I never see more than one show per tour anyway.
  7. Another set list clone tonight. It’s cool. But didn’t they say in some interview they grew tired of the Drones tour because they were doing the same thing every night?
  8. The strangest thing about all this is that they are failing to provide a service that people have paid hundreds of dollars for but wouldn't cost the venue, band or event company a dime to actually fulfill.
  9. Oh whoops, I started the above response before you moved it.
  10. I never queue for hours (I usually walk in half-way the opening act's set. I'm tall and I have to pee a lot, so I don't want/need to be too far at the front.) and I never buy VIP tickets, so I'm terribly unfamiliar with the standard procedure when the doors open. But is this an experience that can easily be filmed or otherwise recorded to show evidence of them not fulfilling their promise? EDIT: Also, I'm still not entirely clear what the issue is. Do people not get early access at all? Or is 5 minutes not enough?
  11. Ah yes, there's no denying the similarities there. Though that theme itself also sounds familiar and similar to something I can't think of right now.
  12. Oakland will definitely have Blockades, Something Human, Isolated System and Resistance. And Murph will get stuck backstage and never make an appearance.
  13. So I watched the encore footage, but not much else yet. Who is wearing that robot suit they teased on IG, and during which song?
  14. It shouldn't exist. But when it does, I think those fans who scrape together all their pennies and overpay for the privilege are actually doing everyone a favor by keeping a bunch of disinterested rich people away from the barrier.
  15. I wouldn't put the blame on people buying into that privilege, but rather on the ones selling it.
  16. Ah, ok, I didn’t see that. GoT has been pretty consistent in it’s non-electric soundtrack. Adding Muse would be out of place. There are so many shows out there. Hard to narrow it down... but it would be most awesome if it was Black Mirror or Stranger Things (edit: which premiers in July, so nope, not that one)
  17. If only. Is is anyone working on a Twilight tv show? Would be cool though if it’s the opening theme for some sci fi show that becomes massively popular.
  18. Wonder if he’ll take Murph to Burning Man too after his retirement.
  19. Haha, watching some clips of the metal medley with Murph moving around in the background. That’s pretty damn well done. Beats the dinky Absolution era Dalek piano as my new favorite prop.
  20. Mercy’s gotta go. Good length set though. Harmonica needs to go too, surely they can come up with something more fitting there, something a bit more in line with the Simulation Theory vibe.
  21. Meh.. So they played Algorithm twice then? And stale old KoC at the end? With or without harmonica?
  22. So is everyone on Reddit or something? I want the party to be here. And the whining too. And the snark. And the links to chats and streams.
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