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  1. It’s not a competition though. And it’s kind of what I’m saying, it would be silly if Muse tried to approximate or copy the Animals’ version of a public-domain old folk song, and they didn’t. They made it their own which makes it a successful cover in my opinion.
  2. I always liked Muse's version. I'm a sucker for a noisy or "heavy" song with a 3/4 or 6/8 time signature. Add to that he ballsy intro, the vocal delivery (a bit more than just screaming, I think), the bleep-bloop arpeggios Muse couldn't do without back then, it all fits perfectly with their sound from that time. Besides, there are so many renditions of this song already (at least for the last 400 years, apparently), that it would be silly to stay too close to any previously recorded version, it's kind of a nice blank slate that way.
  3. Time for a ‘Jeff’s Guitar’ EP. It would be blasphemous and tacky, but he’s passed that station anyway with Guiding light, so what the hell. Spiral Static Shine Falling Down Unintended FAWY Hoodoo Endlessly (maybe?) Animals (Doing a Knopfler on Buckley’s guitar, fuck it) Nishe And then a guitar version of Feeling Good to mirror Lilac Wine. Guiding Light (instrumental) Anything else? A completely reworked soulful version Uno, maybe?
  4. Nice! I think Pitchfork’s Sunday series of reviews of classics they’ve previously overlooked is (on their own scale) a bit skewed towards the positive. Probably because they are reviewed by people who already have an affinity for the albums, otherwise they wouldn’t consider them overlooked. And, of course, a contemporary review carries a lot of hindsight within it, with time and Muse’s consequent (Post Absolution) releases lifting OoS into a more favorable light over time. I’m sure they would have hated it back in the day.
  5. Damn. He does make that guitar sound more like Jeff Buckley’s sound than I imagined he would. He should record more on that thing. FAWY. Falling Down. New songs. TaB’s great too. I’d love an instrumental of that one.
  6. I’ll just wait for TaB and Guiding Light to show up on youtube.
  7. Fair enough when it comes to Amazon. Though I must note that downloading songs usually involves using a tech behemoth as well. And you can avoid Amazon and use Deezer instead for same HiFi quality. With these services you do get to download the songs and play them offline. I suppose that’s not the same as owning them, but there is nothing restricting you from listening at your own leisure.
  8. I’m not oldskool. And I enjoy listening to ORIGIN OF SYMMETRY XX ANNIVERSARY REMIXX at 24 bit 96 kHz on STREAMING SERVICE Amazon Music.
  9. So it was probably an issue with the files rather than sloppy remixing. That's good.
  10. I wouldn’t say it’s too perfect, but it definitely lacks soul. It’s always hard to compare something like this to the way the original made me feel 20 years ago, so I’m not sure how much of the soullessness is imagined, but mix is undoubtedly harsher and sharper. I see it more as a cabinet of curiosities, an interesting insight into the elements that were left out. Not an album to lay back and listen to start to finish (which I did to the original countless times).
  11. Is anyone else noticing the weird volume changes in New Born? That to me is another indication that it was rushed. Also the inconsistency between songs, like they were all edited independently of each other and not revisited a second time after to make them match. If it had been consistent with Futurism as the Gold Standard, it would have been a winner. Was it just Matt and Dom doing these over a few beers?
  12. The trashing of the panning in Microcuts! Can’t believe I didn’t catch that, was too focused on the new bits. That’s a shame indeed. Overall I agree with everything there. Apart from Space Dementia, that one’s just too clipped busy and messy. The barrage of cymbal crashes was already pretty harsh, and now it’s just a long prominent uninterrupted streak of noise at times.
  13. I wonder what they thought revisiting Screenager. Seems like one of their most dated songs to me. I’d have thought they’d have experimented a lot with this one and left a lot on the cutting room floor. But apart from some crackly noises, there isn’t anything new. Sounds good though. Darkshines: slightly different effect on the bass. Very similar to the original overall. Feeling Good. I can see why they left out the screechy strings originally. Megaphone section sounds better. Whatever they did or didn’t do to the drums in Futurism is what they should have done throughout. Love the sound of the new mix.
  14. Hyper Music new hyper screams and screeches are cool, nice freakout climax! The main vocals in the verses are a bit too clear and separated from the rest now maybe, minor gripe, it’s good. I need to give PiB another listen later. Bass sounds louder. CE into Microcuts without the siren transition is a bit harsh. Microcuts is massive though. Think I prefer this one now, despite the punch being taken out of the bass. That outro though!
  15. Space Dementia sounds terribly clipped. Previously unused strings are a fun addition. Different drum shuffle in the bridge to outro is cool too. Outro misses beef of the original.
  16. Didn’t realize the whole thing would be released! Listening on Amazon Music now. New Born is pretty close to the original so far, drums aren’t as nearly as bad as CE Made me fear they’d be. Overall layering and depth is improved for sure. I’m sensing some weird jarring volume changes here and there though. Like what’s going on at 5:26 in New Born? Like someone accidentally twiddled the wrong dial for a moment. On to Bliss. Nice.
  17. Ah yes, just saw the Instagram post.
  18. Hard to judge from the YouTube vid how the bass will turn out in the end, but in comparison to the original it definitely sounds like they pushed it to the background. That would be a shame, the simple bouncy beefy bass line is essential. Did they announce when they’ll release the full version?
  19. Yeah. I’m worried about the drums. If the drums in Hyper Music, New Born and Space Dementia end up with the same issue, any improvements to those songs will basically be wasted.
  20. Yeah, sounds like they’re just getting started.
  21. It’s interesting they’re leaving Matt’s gasps in. Perhaps it would be too much of a deviation from the original album to edit those out now.
  22. Megalomania sounds great! I alway thought that one missed the depth it deserved. Much better layering now, in both the loud and quiet bits, though the drums in the loud bits suffer from the same issue as the CE remix.
  23. It wouldn't be Muse if Matt wasn't talking out of his arse half the time though, so at least there's consistency there.
  24. I don't really mind. I'm sure there were many things they "meant" or wanted to do back then that they didn't have the means or skills or time to pull off, and thank God they didn't, cause it turned out perfectly. If they want to make a less-perfect rendition today --with a silly name and a crappy version of the original album artwork-- thinking it's what the album should have been, who cares? We get an extra interpretation to listen to and neither our memories, nor the original recording will be replaced.
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