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Muse to use newly invented percussion instrument?


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It's. A box. A wooden. Box.


Is there something incredibly special about this instrument that someone could explain to me? Because I'm not seeing it.


When struck, the vibrations send out shock waves that rip a hole into the space time continuum releasing creatures and elements into our world that the band will use to their bidding in creating music that has never been created before.



If not, then I have no clue what it does.

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The modern cajón has several screws at the top for adjusting percussive timbre and may sport rubber feet. Some versions may also have several vertically stretched cords pressed against the tapa for a buzz like effect or tone. Guitar strings, rattles or drum snares may serve this purpose. The percussionist can play the sides with the top of his palms and fingers for additional sounds.


The modern cajón is often used to accompany the acoustic guitar and is showing up on worldwide stages in contemporary music.


So it's probably for an acoustic song. It can also be connected to a drumkit as it would replace the bassdrum. Sounds interesting though.

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Yeah, good luck with that.


A piano is just a bunch of keys on a wooden box, I could have made that.


Yeah, but there isn't anything with the dube that's particularly fantastic sound-wise. I mean, I guess the fact that it's light-wight (I'm assuming) and you can get it customized is pretty cool, but besides that, there really isn't much else.


Maybe I'm just biased because I'm such a big bongos fan.

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