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I got the flag back yesterday :dance:

thanks to all of you for taking part in this project.

Special thanks to the ones who travelled oceans with it, it couldn't have been possible if you weren't there: specials thanks to:













thanks to everyone who signed it, i cant write all your names on this post, that would take me ages, i don't know how many signatures there are on it but i'd say around 500.

and thanks to tom kirk who did more than signing it: he confirmed what everybody thought: screw bellamy, Kirk is the man!


I will post a better picture later when i've figured out how to post it , exoval took this one yesterday: http://instagr.am/p/K5Q-q/



once again thank you very much, it made my year a bit nicer knowing the muse community made it touring all around the world from hand to hand.

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