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  1. Someone sent it to me, read it well. Thanks "that's what alice told me: she's a bit mad because nobody gives her the pictures and it was supposed to be a group picture per gig not only a picture per person who carries the flag, You guys are really nice doing this for her, but the rules are the rules, please follow those, there is even a paper with the NEW rules in the bag with the flag (the real rules aren't on this thread but on her letter). she'd like to have the picture on the email adress not only by seeing those on twitter with musers retweets. Please do that for her, this flag ain't a toy, it's a whole project. thank you!"
  2. Hello Everyone ! Alice told me to ask you if you can post here all pics of wembley gigs and the football match ! And, of course, the new pics of the flag (the drawing of "Pokemew") ! thanks !
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