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Found 3 results

  1. Last month, I made this awesome flag for les vieilles charrues festival. As I can’t go to Wembley or any other gigs this year, I got the idea, that this flag will travel for me. The rules are: -the flag can’t travel by the post, it must be physically passed from one person to another (it can travel by the post only if there's no other solution) -Whenever the flag is at a gig with a group of people a picture must be taken (picture must be of the group and the flag within the venue) -If someone carrying this flag meets a band member (Tom and Morgan included) a photo of the band member holding the flag has to be taken (only the member and the flag) -Every person I know (in real life or only on .mu/facebook/twitter) has to sign the flag if they go to several gigs then they have to write the dates on it. The aim is for this flag to become famous within the muse community, it has to be at as many gigs as possible (and collect as many signatures as possible). The band has to recognise it after seeing it too many times!! So help me make my flag travel. So far: from my place to Wembley: Seb, kageeby Then I don’t know, for it to go to the next gigs you have to be at Wembley on September 11th or Paris/Lille (France)
  2. Hello! I'm currently editing a multicam of this gig (vieilles charrues) and I would love to receive your support in receiving videos you took that incredible night! If you have videos please send me them via an adress to download this file (for example via megaupload) to muse1507@gmail.com. I want videos from all the gig (not especially one song whereas I have not so much videos for Plug in baby, SBH, mk ultra, nishe, USoE, UD, SS and KOC) I precise that when I'll finished the project I will upload it to musebootlegs so as to share with all the fan community, completely free! So help me if you can! you can also see my work in progress via my facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Multicam-15-juillet-2010-muse-at-Vieilles-Charrues/146660968708902 and my youtube channel (i am muse1507 user) Thanks to all who will participate to this project and cheers! wil10 setlist : http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2010/festival-des-vieilles-charrues-carhaix-plouguer-france-43d46f83.html
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