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    I'm random. And moody. Sometimes. Childish too. I have a curiosity for anything that is not normal.. I also like to climb things in public!
    I enjoy driving myself insane by attempting to contemplate every tiny little frame of time that passes... It's literally impossible!
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    Queensland, Australia
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    guitar, drums, piano, skateboarding, karate, soccer, running, fitness, m&m's,
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    register chick
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    Trivium, Machine Head, Alexisonfire, Iron Maiden, Devildriver, Lamb Of God, All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Meshuggah, Bury Your Dead, Heaven Shall Burn and MUSE OF COURSE!!!
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    Bourne Series, Lord Of The Rings, Law Abiding Citizen, The Losers, Fast and Furious 5, LOTR, Star Wars
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    Grey's Anatomy, House, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Castle, The Mentalist
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    Eragon Series, Tawny Man trilogy, Farseer Trilogy,Wicked (lol),
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    Showbiz, Origin, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations special edition, Resistance special edition, Muse: Under Review DVD, Out of This World: MUSE book, Hullabaloo DVD, Absolution Tour DVD
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    Brisbane Entertainment Centre, December 6th

    And any and every other gig muse will do in Aust in the future!
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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  2. I'd ask him if he's enjoying the country he's currently in (if i meet them on tour), I'd ask if they've been anywhere decent while in the country, I'd randomly ask him if he's researched monarch programming, I'd ask how his little one is, I'd MOST CERTAINLY ask for a hug... Umm, I think that should hold me up for a few minutes!
  3. My mum hates them with a passion, my sister loves them, my dad recently asked me to burn a CD of their music for him and my brother doesn't mind Stockholm Syndrome
  4. *check private messages*

  5. So far, i'm really loving 42 and Esum. I'd like: Within Singularity (maybe not so much album title as song title) ? (literally, just a question mark. Kinda referring to a question that no one knows but everyone wants to know but they don't know that they want to know the question that nobody knows they don't know but want to know. You know?)
  6. Haha nice! I'm actually not going on here much. It's kinda boring without a gig thread to go in XD

    Yeah!! I wish i'd seen him, i would have yelled out to him hehe.

    HAHAHAHA NICE!! I can almost imagine him running up to dom with an inflated shirt, giggling like a child, just to tell him that!

    Ahh terrorism. That wouldn't be easy at all. I'd find that interesting though. I've never done anything on terrorism.

    Ooh, nice! the most muse i've gotten to put into an english task is uding "crying shame" in it haha!!

    Oh my god, it was terrible!! I'm fairly sure i did well though. I love writing :D

    Aw, i feel special haha! I'll try not to forget so much! You're awesome to talk to :)

  7. Haha yeah! I go here before I go to Facebook!

    WHAAAT!? :eek: At least they got to see him I guess...

    'Look at me! I'm wearing an airbag!' :p

    Me too. Now we're doing terrorism and it's not easy. Stuff about 11 Sept. and Abu Ghraib. :indiff:

    ME TOO. Although I am doing Muse for English :D. How retarded was our theme for the writting task for QCS?

    That's ok. I was going to say 'Hey ninjabanana! Long time no see! :)' I kinda got excited when you replied... :$

  8. Hah well that's good then, at least you can still procrastinate on the board!

    Yeah I was freaking out, apparently the people who hung around at the back of the venue saw Chris *jealous*

    Hehehe, Balloon Matt XD

    Ew China. China annoys me.

    These few weeks are killing me... QCS, 5 different pieces of assessment due, most of which are in no shape to be handed in... Kill me!

    And sorry i took so long to reply, I have periods where I completely forget about the board haha.

  9. Just checked. They block it during school, but unblock it in the afternoon, but they never block the messageboard. :p:D

    That would've been awesome to meet them. If I got to meet them that night I'd probably die because it was my first concert EVER. :eek:

    It looks like he's wearing a balloon!

    Me too! I'm so over this s**t. In Modern History we were learning about China. :indiff: No one cares about China.


  10. :O how dare they!

    Yeah, damn security! There was one nice one who actually helped us out a bit though...

    Yes, the fan! I laughed at that quite a bit when it fully inflated his shirt, it looked so silly!

    Ah, nice! I can't wait till it's all over...

    Hahaha, glad i'm not the only one then :D

  11. Very, very true Nahh, truth be told, it's not overly hard to get barrier. I've managed to get barrier even halfway through a show, and that was after working my way from the back of the crowd! ...Maybe it is just awesome Aussie skill
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