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Your top 5 muse songs


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Guest matt_4_ever

man invincible's amazing-it wouldve masde it in there but citizen erased-incredible ;)



My top 10 are:

Hysteria,invincible,plug in baby, starlight and bliss

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Citizen Erased

Map Of The Problematique




Its really hard to choose a top 5 though :( almost impossible, but i must say my top 2 is really set for ever,well unless something new will replace it in the future... :)

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It depends but now if I had to bring only 5 muse songs in my mp3 I will take :




knock on wood.... hope that that will never be unnecessary... :eek:


i can still remember days that you only had 128MB space on your MP3player...

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I truly tried to cut my list down to 5, but it wasn't working out very well at all

Every time I deleted a song, I felt a little guilty ^_^

So here's my top 15, in no particular order


Stockholm Syndrome

Butterflies and Hurricanes

Knights of Cydonia

Time is Running OUt

New Born




Plug-In Baby

Dead Star

City of Delusion

Muscle Museum


Hyper Music

Space Dementia

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