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Your top 5 muse songs


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It's really difficult! I can't really pick top 10 even...

Does the order matter?

1. Space Dementia

2. Citizen Erased

3. Stockholm Syndrome

4. Sunburn

5. Micro Cuts


And many many many more.

Feels like I've committed myself to something horrible!


you do know you have to pay tax after using a certain amount of exclamation marks on the board, right?

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...okay, this changes on a daily basis, so by the time a lot of users are reading the list will have changed ;)


1) Butterflies and Hurricanes & Ruled by Secrecy

2) Citizen Erased

3) Sing for Absolution

4) Stockholm Syndrome

5) Map of the Problematique (them drums.....)



Here are many others; everything else on OOS, Sunburn, HCM, Showbiz, Hysteria, Explorers, Exogenesis pt 1, Map of Your Head (:p).

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Oh ma god. So difficult. I'll give it a go in no order:


1. Bliss

2. Hysteria

3. Animals (really enjoying this lately)

4. Liquid state

5. Time is running out


I would have put MOTP on but animals has been on repeat on my iPod for ages lately. It's so darn catchy and the instrumental is ace.


Please don't hate me for having two 2nd law songs either!

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Currently it's


1. Stockholm Syndrome

2. Dead Star

3. Bliss

4. Space Dementia

5. The Small Print


1. Map of the Problematique

2. Isolated System

3. Screenager

4. Hyper Chondriac Music

5. Showbiz


^These are awesome :)



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Very difficult...:(

1. Map Of The Problematique

2. Plug In Baby/Citizen Erased

3. Bliss

4. Stockholm Syndrome

5. Exogenesis (specifically Redemption)


MoTP is always at the top, 2 and 3 rotate around a bit, and 4 and 5 change by the day.

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