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Your top 5 muse songs


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Well sometimes i just can t figuir out my top5 from muse there are to many to good:p

But at the moment



1 Stockholme syndrome

2 Plug in baby

3 Bliss

4 Easily

5 Unintended


an som other songs i like

Sunburn, Supermassive Blackhole, Hysteria, piano thing, map of your head, assassin





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1. hyper chondriac music

2. eternally missed

3. glorious (bonus track)

4. fury

5. space dementia


my taste of fav songs is a little bit different from most of u guys but my older sis (muse-queen) got me into muse nd its abit different 2 the other stuff i like :D muse still rock my socks tho :musesign:

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