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    Hates things.
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    Scotland, Obviously.
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    Yes, I have them.
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    Manic Street Preachers,dEUS,Radiohead & Franz Ferdinand.
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    Kill Bill plz.
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    Anything that tickles my fancy.
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    Too many too list.
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    I has their songs on ma ehPod.
  1. Oh i see...Annoying innit?!


  2. I am but Im not. It keeps signing me out constantly.

  3. ur not on MSN?

  4. You bet we will...Talk to ya later dear!:happy:


    Have a good day!:kiss:


    *LOLZ,I spelt little wrong...on that message below...:$:ninja::LOL:

  5. Haha, OMG OMG.

    :LOL: Night Grace, We'll need to talk tomorrow! :kiss:

  6. Night Night Erin:kiss:


    I just noticed the littel pic on the side..yayyy..Nicky:p

  7. You're A Hawt Mo'fo.

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