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  1. I keep rewatching my recording for Glorious, it's just so beautiful live. The ascending riffs give me so many goosebumps, these older songs have just gotten better over time, they're brilliant. I hope they play them more in the future because they're gold and gold shouldn't be scrapped. And I agree with some of the previous posters, Matt was very chatty last night (though he talks so fast sometimes I can't make him out ) and it felt like they were loving every moment of the gig. I could catch the three throwing grins at each other. Must be a massive nostalgia trip for them as well!
  2. Incredible gig, I loved it so much. The set was spectacular. I never thought I'd see either Fury or Glorious live, let alone BOTH. I can safely say that 14 year old me would be very happy with the experience she has in 10 years time, I had long given up on hearing half these songs live, years ago. Also I can't help but think expectations should be lowered and we shouldn't compare with experiences or memories from decades ago. It would be difficult for them at this stage to fully recreate the standards from when these songs were fresh and in the tour set list. Like Matt with his falsetto, it's definitely not the same as it used to be (hello Showbiz), so naturally it's not going to live up to any nostalgic expectations we may have. That being said, I still loved the gig a lot and hope there will be more like this in the future regardless. I think it takes amazing dedication to be able to rehearse and belt out classics that they haven't played in ages (I laughed when Matt said he screwed up Easily during rehearsal). It's a good shout for the old fans. Shout out to an amazing charity as well that helped make this happen. Glad I went.
  3. all this talk about freezing cold alleys makes me not so eager to go early to queue up but I'll be there around 5 or 6 at this rate, and I have Netflix shows downloaded on my phone for the wait really looking forward to tonight; I hope everyone has a blast
  4. Soo excited for this gig. I've been kinda on and off Muse since The Resistance, but I always go back to the earlier hits and enjoy them tons - so I'm so so excited to see them play old songs. Speaking of, this is what I voted for Glorious Cave Eternally Missed Fury The Groove Exo-Politics Showbiz Falling Away With You Futurism City Of Delusion It's a dream set list for me. But any opportunity to hear Glorious, Cave, Fury, The Groove or Showbiz live is incredible for me - and totally worth my money with any one of them on their own. I'm also Level 1 Rear standing, so I'm totally getting there early to get as close as my ticket allows. so hyped.
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