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  1. When you eventually listen to Dreamless, get ready for Lacuna's ending. Powerful stuff.

  2. Just giving A Sense Of Gravuty's Travail a listen...goddamn, thay guy can sing! That last note he sings towards the end of Stormborn, holy Jeebus. :stunned:

  3. Yeah, there's a real resemblance without being slavish.

  4. UPDATE: It was very good, I enjoyed that album! The vocals reminded me a bit of Troy Sanders of Mastodon.

  5. Is that Luminiferous? I'm having a listen now. Been listening a lot to Me Vs. The Atlantic, they were a local MK band which kind of prototyped the prog-metal scene for years to come. They were around when I was 17-18, even played with them (nearly) one time! Not sure if they're on the Internet anymore, though.

  6. Been making some further forays into sludge lately. High On Fire's album is just awesome. Thrashy sludge, catchy too.

  7. Fair enough, I'll certainly need to do some digging! Got a metal friend here in LB so I can always hit him up, too.

  8. The "post" bit makes sense with the best acts- Isis in particular, and I really like Pelican and Russian Circles. But then you get acts who are so formulaic that they make a mockery of the term. Anyhoo, there is some terrific stuff coming out now, just takes some digging to find.

  9. I can't say I've really delved much into the post-metal/rock arena, I've never even really understood what made it "post", if you will.

  10. I imagine it's like a black coffee enema for the uninitiated. Straight from the pot. I'm at the stage I had to work to with Converge as well, finding individual refrains and riffs that really stick with me now.


    BTW, are you into your post-metal/rock at all? Minsk, A Swarm of the Sun and Hubris' albums are easily my favourites from that area so far this year.

  11. Dude, I'm REALLY enjoying The Armed's album now. So, so fun it's unbelieveable. :happy: Just a shame I can't play it in the office ever, although I guess it's not everyone's cups of hot beverage. :chuckle:

  12. Just re-installed my Woolly Mammoth into my Bass rig. May have to keep it in there, compliments my OD so much better! It's much tighter-sounding than the Big Muff.
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