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Your top 5 muse songs


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Isn't it fantastic how different all our lists are? It proves what a great band Muse are- loads of great songs to enjoy for different ears!


Here's mine!


1:New Born- Fantastic angry guitar intro, fast-paced, good solo and falsetto.

2:Hyper Music- Matt screams it live. Nuff said.

3:Supermassive Black Hole- An absolutely irresistable riff and amusing vocal work.

4:Falling Down- "No, it WAAAAGHGHHSN'T you! Noooooooo!" (nods to amused_by_muse)

5:Soldier's Poem- Very moving, short and sweet.


VERY subject to change! Here's some others I particularly like.


Take a Bow: BHAR was the first Muse album I got, and this song had the effect of a drug high on me. I particularly like the ending.

Apocalypse Please: Love the brisk piano playing and commanding lyrics.

Assassin: AHAHAHAHA! *headbang* I'll say no more!

Showbiz: Saying the same thing over and over, but with mounting urgency. Hell, Muse can make ANYTHING into an awesome song! And Matt just loves to stick in an unexpected falsetto at the end!

Blackout: "OoooohhhhhhOOOOOhhhhhh! Doooonnn't kid yourseeelllff!"


Aw what the heck! I LOVE EM ALL!

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My Top 10:


1. Supermassive Black Hole ((first muse song i ever heard, i still love it the most!))

2. Sunburn

3. Plug In Baby

4. Muscle Museum

5. Time Is Running Out


6. Starlight

7. Unintended

8. The Groove

9. New Born

10. Bliss


It'll change soon enough, though.

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Top fucking 5? That's hard as shit. I'll do some catagories.


Top 5 in terms of absoulte ROCKability:


1. Stockholme Syndrom

2. Hysteria

3. Plug in Baby

4. Knights of Cydonia

5. New Born


In terms of Commentary (on government and society)


1. Take a Bow

2. Assassin

3. Futurism

4. City of Dellusion

5. Map of your Head


Fuck it.


My faves:


1. Hyper Music

2. The Groove

3. Megalomania

4. Plug in Baby

5. Knights of Cydonia

6. Stockholme Syndrom

7. Futurism

8. In your World

9. The Small Print

10. Ruled by Secrecy

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Citizen Erased

Stockholm Syndrome

Plug In Baby


New Born


Eh, I love Origin to bits, I think those songs are the most definitive Muse. So many more i'd want to put up there though.


Edit: Plegra, you have an awesome taste in music, you love most of my favourite bands judging from the link I clicked from your sig.

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top 5 when happy:



plug in baby




top 5 when moody:

falling down

new born

citizen erased

dead star

ruled by secrecy


top 5- must hear everyday


space dementia





gah... there's loads more.. cant decide on only 5! oh, make that 15 actually..

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