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  1. Handy that you can use it to watch porn while you're at it.

  2. I only use this for the Wrestling thread lol. Just damn good timing is all. I have to use a Proxy to get on here at work

  3. As are you. You checked this damn quick.

  4. Holy crap you are still on here haha

  5. I would imagine Muse getting on stage 8:45-9 ish. And finishing maybe half 10 -10:45
  6. No, not at all. I have been in VIP once and never again. You get free drinks (can't remember if there is free food). I was surrounded by corporate types all wearing suits, pissed out of their head. Me and my mate were the only ones actually watching the band, then one of the others came out during one of the songs and said: "So who's actually playing then?" "Muse" "Oooh I love The Muse. Superholes is a good song" Only reason I sat there is because I couldn't get a ticket and mates gf's dad has a box
  7. Was a brilliant gig! Only downside was the really drunk guy behind me who spilt his whole beer on me and didn't say sorry then started smoking weed right after and blowing it in peoples faces. Other than him, it was so good. Caught the fake money as well. Just to clarify - was the girl during Feeling Good the same girl during Blackout?
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