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Muse on Zane Lowe, Tonight, 7.00pm BST, Radio One


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I'd love it if the female support act was Florence and the Machine. I wouldn't be so keen on Lily Allen.


It was interesting when Matt mentioned the word 'cheesy' when talking about the song. Wonder if he's been reading the comments about it on the board.:p

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Gaah. You wanker. I think I may have been the first, though... boy, that's the fastest I've ever worked to get something on YouTube :eek:


Mine is lesser quality, but has a funny pic, so ner ner ne ner ner :p


[copyrighted link removed]



I didn't do it, Mafalda found it. :chuckle:


I can't believe the boards and the site crashed. :eek:

Muselive, too! :awesome: We are so awesome! :awesome:

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