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Muse Drawings - everyone welcome!

Muse Monkey

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Lol, fantastic - especially the little mushroom fans :LOL:


I haven't drawn a realistic human [usually it's just realistic horses] in a dog's age...so here's what I had a go at a few weeks ago


don't laugh to hard.


Aw, cuteness!


Erm, I have some I did back when I was about 12/13...




Matt, Chris and Dom <<< this one being a bit pixelated and stuff because I had to cut it down... I probably should have used an actual art pencil :unsure:

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Everyone has such amazing talent! :eek:


I only ever draw cartoon muse pictures.:$.and my only "realistic" picture is this :


My cartoons pictures are no good :noey:


Aw, that looks awesome! Especially the eyes and nose... meh, I really want to see the cartoons now :p


im not very good atm.. but i hope to improve my drawing skills... alot

your all such great artists


(its supposed to be matt.. but doesnt really look like him) ]


I think it looks like him :happy: You've actually got everything in proportion from the looks of it... if you wanted to improve it I'd say put in more detail with shading and stuff, which may be a bit hard if you've drawn him small, but it makes quite a lot of difference. Keep on with the drawings! :D

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Aww, I love your cartoon style - they're sooo cute! Especially the second and third one :happy: Pfft, and you said they were no good :p

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