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  1. +1 but actually I'm not that sure how much I really want them to come here... the gig culture here is horrible!!! much better and fun fly abroad to see them.
  2. Hey Laure yeah, I'm talking about the UK sale... 10am? it's 12am here! not good!
  3. Does anyone know in what hour the tickets application starts on thursday morning?
  4. Got for the 26.10, O2!!! First time in London! woo hoo!!!
  5. Hey Natalia, I agree with what you said. We heard the music before we knew the band... but every persone take it different.
  6. oohhhh!!! Hey, sorry Sharon . how are you? Don't worry about the Denny's we had good time and lots of food. Thanx! Send Hey to Laurel, yeah we actually had fun at the after show! Liron sending you hello too .
  7. HELLO!!!! Hey it's Ortal, the girl from Israel who was with you awesome people in line! How are you? I really glad you had a great concert! and MU Ultra in your first Muse concert! (thanks to us ha? ). Ohhh... and Oron (the other Israeli guy) and I are not a couple ... just a very good old friends. I probably will be stuck here in the US more then we planed 'couse of the europe volcano ash and stuff, but I have our group picture and I will uplaod her as soon as I can. It was really nice to meet you all. you are great. Ortal.
  8. Hey there!!! you guys are awesome!!!

  9. you guys were too much fun to hang out with at the concert.

  10. Thanks everyone ! We'd also like to point out that we're aware that this probably won't make Muse say that they're coming to Israel tomorrow But we're hoping if this gets around enough and makes enough 'waves' we might manage to get at least some sort of reply/acknowledgement to our efforts. Because we've yet to recieve one and we've done probably more than any fans ever just to bring them here ONCE!
  11. Ofek Rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
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