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  1. Knights-Brown/gray Take a Bow-Green Supermassive Black Hole-Rainbow Time is running out-Black Starlight-Light Blue
  2. I had this weird dream that i was on Wembley Stadium. And i was on stage looking at Matt,Dom and Chris cause they said it was a punshiment cause i failed the exams And after that Matt asked me to hold his microphone and the crew went like "OMG Roxy :eek:" and Dom was looking kinda jealous something like: After that we went backstage and Matt sat in my arms but i pushed him away cause Dom came and said "We could've been together.." and the dream ended
  3. NO! Chris will never leave Muse =P he might grow up beard and stuff but not to leave them And Dom with long hair?dunno but beard def not and Matt simply no
  4. Those Lego songs are addicting!:happy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cGiutomKt4
  5. :eek::eek: *is shocked* i don't know what do say...fully talented! Here's my attemp to SMBH cover
  6. http://innocencecorrupted94.deviantart.com
  7. Those are really nice drawings So here's what i've made:
  8. amazing just a little comment in the second picture his face looks like an old mad i think you shall fix it hope you won't mind
  9. Nice i made this yesterday and i'm so proud:
  10. Wow full of talented people here Omg it's Robin XD
  11. Thoughts of a dying Atheist SMBH Unintended Uno Bliss
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