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Muse Drawings - everyone welcome!

Muse Monkey

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oooh:eek:...Northern light, your draw is a masterpiece,it's so realistic! you have caught Matt's expression.Now i'll post my draws...if i'll be able to understand how to do... they aren't perfect:$, but they 've been done with passion:)(p.s. sorry for my english:rolleyes)





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I think they are very good. Especially the upper one, it looks real :yesey:

What sort of color do you use? Acrylic or oil, or something else?


Thank you very much!!!!:happy: I've used a mixture of techniques ...the major part is made with particular felt pens, they are panthons ( I don't know if this word exists in english but in Italy we call them pantoni)), then i've used chalk in order to make reflections.

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