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  1. I've never been to one either but I've heard it is quite tasty.


    Maybe we should go more upmarket and go Pizza Express.

  2. Eeeeey up meep.


    Fancy a bonk? I'll treat you to a harry ramsdems afters?




    luv edward

  3. Thank you!


    Yeah It's been okay. Things were actually working well at work today so that was a good birthday in itself! I had a beer and a steak so I am also proper content with life! :) x

  4. :LOL:


    Wend would be proud hopefully.

  5. I bet you're like calcium bicarbonate - if I get you wet, the reaction will be explosive!

  6. You actually want me to change it or is this a joke?

  7. Are you made out of 11 protons because you are sodium fine?

  8. Is me drink ready please?

  9. Damn your a sexy bitch... A sexy bitch.

  10. I want to have your puppies

  11. Heya!


    Sorry cant help you there. I've not got tickets for the Manchester gig or know of anyone who is driving up!

  12. Would you hold it against me if I had downs syndrome?

  13. We should totes have internet sex then.


    I'd like to fondle your modem connection.

  14. We've all had one too many beverages at some point in our life.


    When I was your age I was alcohol related chundering at least once every two weeks. Enjoying being young and free while you can because full time work is bollocks.



  15. Was the bear okay after it saw you vomit?

  16. Naaa made me horny "o" trumpets

  17. Is ones drink ready kind madame?

  18. Helium walks into a bar there's a bit of an atmosphere,




    Helium rises above it.

  19. I'm glad to be of service.


    After all I am a fully alleged member of the chuckle society. If at least one smiled is raised then its a good days work done.


    Nickel is a cool guy. Nickel Oxide would match your pretty green eyes. I'm such a chemistry tart.

  20. :LOL:


    That is so random. Hahaha!

  21. fancy a game of willycopters?

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