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  1. I dont see why people are predicting any releases for at the most another 3 months Seeing as they have been doing (and probably finished) recording the live string parts, Which in many cases, are the last parts to go on an album, I think they could easily end up releasing a single within the next 2 months and even have released the album by early august Hell they could EASILY spring it on us and release it next week
  2. This can be applied to halo in terms of: If you sniper camp, you pwn if you rush, you diez Sem princeeplez
  3. But then you have to take into consideration of whether you are willing to take it slowly or risk fucking the neck up more by going beyond straight then having to do it all again to undo what you did
  4. Have you changed the string gauge on it and not made any adjustments to the truss rod? With factory strings it would be fine but If you put a thicker gauge of strings on there would be more of a pull from the strings, so?
  5. Make sure to check if the knobs on the back are being tightened in right the way in on the back (I assume they protrude more as you loosen them and less as you tighten them?) and so if there is still more space for it to be turned, it could be that they are stiff any further than that or something?? Did you buy them yourself or were they already on the guitar? and if the latter, how old is the guitar if you know?
  6. Hmm thats rather strange then... Is it like that on all of the strings or just the treble strings? If it is jammed then it might be worth whacking some lubricant or something in it (noe punz pl0x) and see if that frees it up, but if it is because like, the knob on the back has been turned all the way in... then i aint got any idea... are you using 3's or something
  7. You need to loosen the locking mechanism and thread the string through, but pull it pretty tight, Then tighten the locking mechanism back up and it should hold the string in place, then you just tune up like normal without having multiple windings round the peg (:
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