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  1. Oooo I like it! Horses you say? You could do some kind of knights of cydonia horse! x
  2. Okay this isn't really a drawing but I just finished making it...
  3. In response to alyssa's pictures... You've never taken an art class??? Those are amazing! You have a great talent x And to everyone else who posted, these are all amazing! I didn't expect so many responses, keep it up! So much talent in this forum.
  4. Well.... tried drawing Dom and PEDO ALERT:eek: He's gonna get ya!
  5. Dom! <3 Great drawing, he looks so innocent, bless him haha. The hair is amazing by the way. And yes this is for everyone to post their muse-related drawings. I've seen loads of random threads scattered around so feel free to post anything in this one. x
  6. Thankyou! Haha yes it does! It also reminds me of the guy in scary movie 4 who's pretending to be Tom Cruise from War of the Worlds....yeah okay it doesn't look that much like him but for some reason I think it does, but maybe I'm just crazy? *crazy dance* x
  7. This is for EVERYONE to post their drawing - not just mine (to clear up any confusion) Yo! I've recently got back into drawing again (GCSE art killed my creative spirtit for a while ._. ) and Muse are well, my muse at the moment Here's my first drawing I've done that's muse-related: Yar tis a bit out of proportion... Anyway! I'll be posting up more of my drawings here soon and anyone else feel free to post you're too. Don't have to be muse-related, but it is prefered! Salty x
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