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mehhh old news.


I hate Gaga but it's really adorable when Matt sings Paparazzi in that one interview :LOL:

:LOL: i know...now i have it on my ipod... But i like bad romance though, the "rah rah uh ahah roma ro mama" part




it should be ibty(like i belong to you but yuck...and "i belong to lock sounds a lot better than in before the lock)

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Matt I would assume respects and likes her music as a fellow musician.

Which I can understand, cause her conviction and her persona is quite creative and maybe even a bit impressive.

+ The most important thing, she is also succeeding career wise.

Or maybe he just likes some light-hearted stuff every now and then.



Myself as a consumer, cannot stand her...

Every inch of me, resists her.

But we all have those dark deranged secret little albums or records that we would never discuss, and would never share it with anyone else cause of the embarrassment.

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