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  1. Erm, I wouldn't classify Falling Away With You as a sad song. More of a shit song. As for Guiding Light, it is in no way sad.
  2. Happy birfday my dear Luke. :kiss: You are amazing, wonderful, lovely, sweet, and so on...I don't want to get TOO cheesy. Have a wonderful day and a wonderful year! Eat lots of cake and watch lots of Dr Who and House. <3 Love you xxxxx :kiss:

  3. Are you okay? :supersad: <3

  4. You okay? I might be leaving in a bit but I want to make sure you're okay.. <3

  5. thanks for your help... I've been struggling lately..I just needed someone to talk to but I can't trust him anymore. :(

  6. AWW YEAH :LOL: Your name is so cute. haha

  7. Get on chat, silly! :)

  8. Okies! Have a good night. :) Nice talking to you.

  9. yes homeless people are so unlucky.. :( i guess that makes me lucky too!


    it's 6:30 am in here now,the sun's almost up:D i'd better get some sleep now,Good day K:kiss::kiss:

  10. Yeah it's mostly people's attitudes over here. And our education system is horrible. We have the worst rankings. :LOL: But yes, I'm very lucky..there are many people that don't even have a home! History is my favourite. :happy:

  11. i guess,that's kind of annoying people being racist.. but,well i would like to stand that expression and be an American :LOL: kidding,i'm actually ok with being an Iranian,cause we have great history :awesome:

    but yeah,you're lucky!

  12. Oh no it's kind of hard to explain..I DO appreciate what I have a lot! What bother me mostly is the "america is the best" expressions here. people are so nationalistic that if you try and mention another country being good people get extremely angry. But I mean I'm very grateful for living here though.

  13. i'm sorry for asking too many questions,but what's wrong with the government?

    you're just not appreciating what you have Kayley!

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