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Songs which sound like...


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PIB - Sexy Boy by Air (Well, the bass anyway)

Supermassive Black Hole - Do Something by Britney Spears and Blue Orchid by The White Stripes

MOTP - Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode

The whole of Showbiz - The album Grace by Jeff Buckley


SMBH - Do Somethin', yes, but not Blue Orchid. However, they both have great videos - done by the same director :D

MOTP was inspired by Depeche Mode so it's not surprising.


Uprising - when I first heard it I thought the 'so come on!' sounded like Call Me by Blondie.

That's about it though....:unsure:

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Resistance - A Little Respect by Erasure

United States of Eurasia - We Are The Champions by Queen and Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

Unnatural Selection - Lay All Your Love On Me by ABBA


Indeed. The pre-chorus is essentially the chorus of that song for the first line.

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Hey guys, do you think my own personal jesus and uprising sound similar?


i heard a mash-up of both songs on my local radio station yesterday and i have to admit: they pretty much sound the same (they used the marilyn manson version btw). maybe that has something to do with the rumour that gaia is dating martin gore now... :LOL:

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