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2016.02.01 - Verizon Center, Washington, DC, USA

halo eighteen

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Wasn't Mercury also notoriously shy? I seem to remember him also talking a lot with his hands, and saying a lot of things that came of as rude or arrogant that were probably attributable to how uncomfortable he was talking to people or giving interviews.


Yeah, Freddie was really, really shy (and also hated his teeth, so would often hide them behind his hands). He got bitten a few times by the press and often came across as haughty or aloof because he hated giving interviews. He often left the on-stage chatter to Brian May - he was a Performer on stage but a very private person off it.

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Proshot video of a contest winner singing Plug In Baby with the Band



Words cannot describe my infernal jealousy.


One thing I find so oddly peculiar about Matt is that when he talks he sounds like a math geek going on a date who sounds quite nervous trying to establish conversation and impress the girl, and yet once he starts singing and performing he turns into Freddie Mercury.


I laughed so hard at this and then seeing your sig.


Multicam of Citizen Erased


Awesome! Thanks!

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Can't really compare SS and AP; they always put in one piano song.

Far prefer that we got AP over tired stuff like Eurasia and Feeling Good.


As far as SS, I guess I just assumed that as they need to remove more old stuff for the new stuff (and they refuse to play longer) SS was too similar in tone to some of the newer ones, maybe?

And they chose Hysteria as the Abso rock song, which was absent for a good number of shows last tour, in the US. It's also far more popular in the US.


I was a bit miffed that I wasn't allowed up to the merch booth from GA at this gig, before and after leaving.

By the time I got there in Philly, nothing was left.

Did they just have nothing to start with, or did they really sell out of everything that wasn't a small during the gigs?


How rare were those "electric ballroom" style shirts? I didn't see any at Philly, and managed to buy one off someone in DC, but my bf was really sad I couldn't get him one, and the one I got is small enough that he looks like too much sausage in too little casing in it. :(

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I suppose you're right. Hysteria is a good hard rock song but between that and SS i'd take SS any day.


I didnt actually go to the show haha I'm from Australia. But I've been checking setlist fm to keep up with the setlists, cos thats how much I love Muse.


I'm hoping they announce some dates for here too as well, we havent even had an insight or a glimpse of any Muse touring this year at all. Kinda sucks waiting around haha.

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Why have they stopped playing Stockholm Syndrome?


Its been a recurring theme on this tour, but I donr get it. Why are they leaving off the classics like SS, Starlight and Plug In Baby but playing deadwood like Apocalypse Please? Dont get me wrong I love AP but in terms of a live setting surely SS is better?


I often wonder if they've dropped Stockholm Syndrome because the song itself is so heavy that it drains them out of energy to complete a show. I know they are still in their 30s and fairly young, but SS is the kind of song that even for an enthusiastic audience member it just milks you dry by the end of it.

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^ That seems like a pretty silly response when they have songs like Knight's and Reapers which are pretty damn high energy and/or technically challenging. It was a choice thing. Europe will probably get SS again.


They could still put the song back on the setlist, but I think it's a matter of picking an alternation of heavy songs, and then not so heavy ones. About 10 years ago they could play 3 or 4 heavy songs in a row. Nowdays they seems to alternate more between heavy and not so heavy ones. Also taking into consideration that some of the hits they've had over the years are not particularly heavy.

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