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  1. I peeked at the setlist after the first show, but only to scroll to the end and see how many songs were played and which was the last song (spoilers: we all know which is the last song). That said, that was a freaking awesome show. We can gripe about how there aren't enough rarities, but I think they throw a bone with the medleys. The song selection was pretty great considering they have to promote Simulation Theory the most, and the theatrics were pretty magnificent. Loved the storytelling of the set and production throughout, liked how they have a lot less downtown this time around, liked how they played more songs, liked the performers' artistry, liked the lighting and colors, loved the freaking giant monster. Definitely the best Muse arena show I've seen!
  2. And I just saw your reply back. Thanks for the send! This is great!!

  3. Hello! I saw that you listened to the DC bootleg. Is there any way you'd be able to send it to me? I'm too lazy to register (and also prefer not to have to register to get stuff), so if you don't feel like sending, totally cool. But if you can, that'd be awesome! :D

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